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Pets are our best friends. They support and stay with us even when we may feel alone. Pets asks for nothing in return, but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't be thankful to them. Even if they don't understand human language, they feel the love with which we do everything for them. They love people who cook food to feed them, wash them, and walk them. However, life gets busy and sometimes you may not have time to care for your pet the way it deserves. But don't worry, there's a solution: BorisDoes gathers the best taskers who are experts when it comes to pets. It doesn't matter what you need: you will find a freelance tasker who will do anything for your pet and you 🐶 Also, it doesn't matter where you're located, because BorisDoes covers the whole of Australia. So, don't hesitate and order service for your pets right now!


Everybody wants to live and work in a clean and cozy place. However, BorisDoes understands that nowadays. life is busy. That's why people don't have much time for cleaning even though it should be done really often! Small scraps of food, dust, pet fur, and everything in between can accumulate in different places, and if not cleaned on time, dangerous bacterias can appear. However, BorisDoes is ready to solve the problem: for you not to waste your time, order cleaning on our service, and soon one of our freelance cleaners will come and make your place shine for a reasonable price! This way you would save your time and health 😉 Isn't it perfect?


Don't have enough time or energy to buy products or get your take away on your own? Maybe a big parcel needs to be delivered to you, and you don't have a car? Don't worry about these problems anymore, because BorisDoes will solve them 😉 Just create a task for delivery, get offers from taskers who are ready to perform your task, choose the best one and just get your task done soon! It's really easy and doesn't require additional energy or time. Just a couple of clicks. Try it!


"If you didn't take a photo, then you weren't there" - it's not a joke. It's a rule nowadays. In the 21st-century, people try to catch every moment of their lives, and it doesn't matter whether they are good or bad. It's not about photos. It's about memories. And the higher the quality of a photo is, the better we remember the emotion we had. However, what do you do if you don't have an opportunity to take a high-quality photo or you can't move and shoot at the same time? Then it's better to hire a professional! BorisDoes lists the best photographers from all around Australia who are ready to take photos or make a video for you any time you want it! It doesn't matter where you are: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth... BorisDoes services are available everywhere! Choosing a photographer on BorisDoes is really easy and quick. So, don't hesitate and order the photography service right now!

Web Design​

Every time we enter any website, the first thing that catches their eye is a nice design. However, nice web design can be tricky to do. But don't worry - if you want your website to look perfect and have already created the design in your head, one of BorisDoes freelance web designers will help you! Just create a task and start getting offers, or through "Search", and choose the best one after reading his or her reviews and portfolio. Hiring a web designer through BorisDoes is simple!


Do you want to make more sales and stay in touch with your audience? Then you need a marketing manager for sure! Hiring a marketing consultant has lots of advantages. Such specialist would not only help you with planning and strategy, but also make your ideas become reality. BorisDoes marketing managers work not for getting money, they work for the result. So, don't hesitate and look for your marketing specialist right now!


Removalists are people who help others move their possessions to a different place to live or work. Finding a good removalist may be hard because you need to surf different websites comparing taskers listed and the prices they are ready to complete your task. However, BorisDoes decided to make it easier: the platform gathers all removalists in one place so that you find a suitable removalist easier and quicker. Save your time - find a tasker to get your job done in a couple of clicks!


Everybody has his or her own natural beauty, there's no doubt about that! However, the sky's the limit 😉 If you feel like making a change, then welcome to BorisDoes' "Beauty" section! Here you can find beauty masters for anything you want: brow and lash lamination, hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, etc. All you need to do is create a task with a description of what exactly should be done. After that, just choose the beauty artist you like the most and they will take care of the rest. 😉

Online Tutoring

"Live and learn" - this is one of the most popular and truthful proverbs. We have such a long life - full of opportunities! Why not dedicate some time to studying something new? BorisDoes gives you this opportunity and gathers teachers from every sphere: beginning with Math and ending with Social Media Marketing. Nowadays, education is as available as ever, and the platform allows you to easily find the perfect tutor for a reasonable price! Now it's you who decides how much to pay for a particular lesson! And remember: "Practise makes perfect" 😌

Building Work

Building work is really hard to do on your own, especially if you don't have special skills and knowledge. Of course, you can try to watch different DIY videos, but still you need some help from a professional in order for everything not to be destroyed after some time after completion. Because of that, BorisDoes lets you order services of professional builders and dedicate your time to something more useful than to studying something you would need once in your life. Everything is easy: you create a task for building work, describe what exactly should be done, get offers from builders who will be willing to complete your task and soon just get your task done! Everything is easy and safe, that's why don't hesitate and order building work services right now 😉

TV Installation

We live in such an age when TV is essential to have in every house. We can watch news, series, movies on a big screen and feel like we're a part of an action. However, before it happens, everything should be installed properly, so that no problems appear. For this purpose you can order service of a freelance professional on BorisDoes: our freelance specialists do everything not only for a reasonable price, but also as quick as it's possible in order for you to enjoy your life to the full value. Everything you need to do is to create a task, and BorisDoes will do everything else for you 😉

General Handyman

Having accommodation is comfortable and time-consuming at the same time: on the one hand, your house is your castle, which saves you from dangers from the outside. On the other hand, it needs lots of time and costs because of cleaning, repairs, and other stuff. From time to time, it's tough for us to at least some time for household chores because nowadays, life is hectic. However, BorisDoes knows how to solve this problem! If you don't have enough time to pay attention to your household chores and repairs, just order the services of a general handyman on this platform. BorisDoes gathers the best freelance professionals who are ready to help you any time and at any place. Just try it and stop feeling time pressure!

Rubbish Removal

No one would like to accumulate rubbish in a house: it takes lots of place, accumulates dust and can smell bad. However, from time to time we're so busy that forget to get rid of it. Because of that, BorisDoes offers you to act this way: just find a couple of minutes to create a task on BorisDoes, to describe what should be done and choose the most suitable freelance professional to get rid of your rubbish. A couple of minutes is nothing in comparison to the time you would spend on getting rid of rubbish on your own, that's why don't hesitate and order rubbish removal services right now!

Smart Home

With every year our life becomes easier with technology. Considering smart homes, they also provide higher level of security for you in comparison to common ones. However, in order everything to be all right, all stuff should be installed properly. For this purpose BorisDoes gathers the best specialist who provide service for smart homes, so that you can find suitable one only in a couple of clicks. On BorisDoes customers can either create a task or look for a smart home professional on their own to get their job done as soon as it's possible. The main thing is that BorisDoes covers the whole Australia, that's why you'll find a specialist near you for sure. Just try!


Doing electrical stuff without special knowledge and skills is a very bad idea. It may be dangerous and harmful not only for your health, but also for your accommodation or office. Because of that, BorisDoes forbids you to do jobs connected with electricity on your own (if you don't have enough knowledge) and offers to order service of an electrician. Ordering electrical service on BorisDoes has lots of advantages: 1. Before hiring an electeician customers can read reviews about him or her; 2. All customers are protected in accordance with Privacy Policy and Terms of Use; 3. BorisDoes doesn't support payments in cash, that's why taskers get payments only after a job to be done perfectly. So, do you still hesitate whether to order electrical service on BorisDoes? 😉


Plants relocation, tree cutting, landscape redesign... Sounds really time-consuming, doesn't it? However, with BorisDoes you shouldn't be afraid of it: order service of gardeners and landscapers and spend your time for more important things, such as hosting guests, spending time with your family and just enjoying the weekend!


Doing plumbing stuff on your own may be a bad idea if you don't have proper knowledge and skills. Drain repair, sink or toilet replacement may appear to be unreal to do without help of a professional plumber. Because of that, BorisDoes offers you not to try to do it yourself from the beginning and order plumbing service. A professional plumber will come to you and do everything you need to be done. And you will just enjoy your free time or do more important things while your problem will be solving. Just create a task, choose the most suitable plumber and get your job done!


There may be situations when you have neither your driving license with you or at all, nor a car. However, you're in urgent need of driving services. So, the solution is on BorisDoes! Create a task for driving services, get offers from interested drivers and choose the best one for you! Limo rides, evacuation services, services of designated driver - you can get anything you wish connected with driving. Now you shouldn't worry, because BorisDoes will do everything instead of you!

Painting and decorating

Do you want your house, apartment or office to look beautiful? Do you have an idea of what you want it to looks like? Make your dreams come true with the help of BorisDoes' professionals! Order services of painting and decorating, describe what should be done, and get offers from the best taskers!

Professional Services

Are you in need of a professional in a specific sphere who would solve all your problems quickly? Do you need a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, a dietitian, etc? Then you're in the right place! BorisDoes lists specialists from different fields who are always ready to help you. It doesn't matter if you need financial assistance or legal services - you'll find a professional for any purpose! Don't hesitate and start looking for your specialist right now 😉


As well as some people love their cars, you can love your boat. Having a boat isn't only about transport, it's also about hobby. If you have a boat, you definitely like what you do, and want everything to be done perfectly. However, from time to time you need some help, and for this purpose you look it on the Internet, requesting "boat service near me" or "find boat service Australia". At the same time it's not really reliable way of searching like this because you can't trust all the websites you will find. However, you can trust BorisDoes! BorisDoes gathers all the reliable services on our platform and makes everything for you to feel comfortable and safe here. Before hiring boat service on BorisDoes, you can read reviews about a tasker from other customers. Besides, BorisDoes use cashless payment, what allows taskers get it only after successful task completion. So, hiring boat services on BorisDoes is really easy!

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