Business opportunities with BorisDoes

*Based on the median top 50 Tasker’s monthly earnings.

What is a business account?

On Boris Does, you can make both an individual account and an account for your business. The Boris Does business account is a page that permits you to follow up for the benefit of your organization. Now you don’t have to ask how to register a business account on Boris Does since you can upgrade your present account and save all the information available there at the moment.

Benefits of BorisDoes business account

1. You can be both a client and a tasker;

2. Customer base replenishment;

3. Recruitment of staff;

4. Capacity to show your business name in an account;

5. Chance to be the first to make quotes to tasks with no price mentioned;

6. Contact data and your social media pages are shown in your profile;

7. A custom landing page (individual website created by Boris Does for you);

8. Top positions in the Tasker list;

9. Creating quote feature.

However... that is not all! Day by day, we add new benefits for businesses. This is one more reason for you to register your business on BorisDoes right now and not to lose the chance to improve your business!


A business account on BorisDoes is a different account for your business. All activities you do from it are considered to be done by your business and not by you. If you need to act as an individual, it would be a good idea to go back to your individual account or create one more personal account
To create an account for your business, you should confirm your ABN and telephone number and write down your business name correctly. If some issues appear, report them to BorisDoes Support
No! BorisDoes draws neither lines nor borders. You’re allowed to work with anybody, even if this user doesn’t have Australian citizenship (for online tasks). Boris Does’s primary concern is to keep the collaboration within the platform. In case you start to collaborate outside the platform, Boris Does Support won’t be able to help you if anything goes wrong.