Get clients and earn money quickly on BorisDoes

*Based on the median top 50 Tasker’s monthly earnings.

The sky is the limit

There are no limits on how much you can earn and how many customers you can collaborate with. Choose who to work with and create your schedule to suit you. To earn money online or offline - it’s up to you, BorisDoes provides different types of tasks.


When you engage with a customer, the task’s agreed payment amount is set aside in the BorisSafe while the job is being done. The agreed price is also pre-recorded on the web form before you start the task performance.

Affiliate program

Earn money online doing nothing! Become an affiliate partner of BorisDoes, invite people to register with your affiliate link, and get $2 for every new registration & 5% of the total sum of their completed tasks! Nowadays making money online is really easy.

How to earn money successfully on BorisDoes

Browse tasks

Choose categories you’re good at, choose a city you would like to work in and start browsing tasks! You can also use BorisDoes filters to select the right price and check the newest.

Make offers

Don’t hesitate to make offers on tasks you like! Chat with a customer in a private chat on BorisDoes and discuss the details. BorisDoes sets no limits! Make sure that you have all the necessary skills to complete the task.

Get money

After you have performed your task with flying colors, get money you agreed on! No scam is acceptable on BorisDoes: before you start performing your task, money is set aside on the BorisDoes platform, so you can be sure you’ll get what you’re waiting for!

Improve your profile

Filling in your profile makes it more attractive and builds trust between you and your potential customers. Add your profile photo, show your professionalism through your portfolio, download licenses, and get badges, so you’re the first one in line to get tasks!

Why to earn with BorisDoes?

Affiliate Program

One of the most popular questions nowadays is "How to earn money?" And BorisDoes is ready to give a solution! If you're looking for ways of passive income, BorisDoes offers you to become our Affiliate Partner. Everything is easy: BorisDoes Affiliate Program allows you to earn money online from home, from work, from a beach - any place! Making money with BorisDoes Affiliate Partnership is easy: with your personal link, QR code or banner on your website, invite people to register on BorisDoes and get $2 for every registration! Wanna make more money? Tell these people that they can solve ANY of their problems with BorisDoes help and get 5% of their completed task amount! Wanna make even more money? Become BorisDoes tasker, complete tasks you like and get money for it! To earn with BorisDoes is really easy!

Business Feature

Wanna boost your business instead of making money on your own? BorisDoes is a good tool for it! Create a business account, connect all your employees to it and start earning money and developing the business together!
The benefits you'll get with a business account are:
1. You can be both a customer and a tasker;
2. Client base replenishment;
3. Recruitment of staff;
4. Ability to fully display your business name in a profile;
5. Opportunity to be the first one to get tasks with no price mentioned;
6. Contact information and social media pages are displayed in your profile;
7. A custom landing page (personal site built by BorisDoes on request);
8. Prioritised position in the list of Taskers;
9. Generating quote feature.


Buy now, pay later with Afterpay! Don't know what Afterpay is? Afterpay is a service that allows you to buy goods now and divide the sum is separate payments. And how does Afterpay work on BorisDoes? Afterpay allows you to order services on BorisDoes and pay for them later. For example, if you have no time to walk your dog today (and everybody knows that it's an urgent task), you can create a task on BorisDoes, find a person to help you and divide the payment into separate parts. It's totally safe for Taskers - they will receive their money for sure!

Tasker doesn't start to perform a task till money is set aside on the service

BorisDoes ensures every tasker that they will get their money after they complete a task. This is how it works:
1. A Customer sets aside the payment for a task in BorisDoes Safe;
2. A task officially starts;
3. A Tasker confirms a task completion;
4. A Customer confirms a task completion if everything is all right;
5. A Tasker receives money from BorisDoes Safe! Earn money safely on BorisDoes!

Low competition in accordance with the fact that we're a new service

Are you on a job search in Australia? Or, maybe, you want to win an online job or task which will allow you to collaborate with international clients and earn more money? BorisDoes increases the chances of job seekers to find what they want because being a new service, BorisDoes gives you its main advantage – low competition rate!

Review import

Have you already put much effort to get good reviews from satisfied customers? You shouldn't begin your career path from the beginning on BorisDoes! Our platform allows you to import all your excellent customer reviews to your new page to show your experience and skills to new clients. Show everyone that you're a real professional!

No service fee for a limited time

Currently, BorisDoes charges no service fees – we want our users to enjoy all the benefits of the platform! Forget about paying fees for the service you like – BorisDoes sets no limits and allows you to get what you really want just for many thanks!


You’ll get a notification in the chat with a customer that money is already set aside on BorisDoes, and you can start the task performance.

No! BorisDoes set no limits, so you can perform tasks in any category you like. However, BorisDoes recommends not performing lots of tasks simultaneously, so you don’t miss deadlines.

Yes! Just set up notifications in your settings, and BorisDoes will inform you when there’s a task that suits your category. If everything is okay, you can make an offer and start making money.

Following BorisDoes’ security policy, we won’t control the task flow if it’s performed outside the platform. This way, we won’t be able to solve any problems that may appear in the process. BorisDoes takes care of your security, that’s why we recommend collaborating within the platform so that we can provide you with any help needed.

After you have completed your task successfully, agreed amount of money will be available to your profile account immediately, where you option to transfer to your personal bank account. BorisDoes supports only cashless payments following its security policy. It should be noted that the service fee is 10% of a task’s sum, which covers all ongoing maintenance costs to improve BorisDoes usability.

Please also note that your bank may also charge a transactional fee and you are liable to pay taxes.

To be the first to get a task, BorisDoes advises you to complete your profile information fully. This means adding a profile photo, creating a portfolio with your works, getting badges, downloading licenses, importing your good reviews from other platforms, etc. You can find everything in your account settings.