History of PaintAccess

History of PaintAccess

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Here at BorisDoes, we are proud to offer a huge range of high-quality services to all Australians. We are also proud to be a small independent business made from scratch – by people who know how to provide the best services. Our aim was to create a platform available to all, whether you need to get a task done or whether you’re looking to complete a task for some extra money.

We know that not everybody has qualifications or experience – so BorisDoes also has plenty of tasks if you’re just starting out in freelancing. We have an interesting history, just like our partner company, PaintAccess! Have you ever wondered how PaintAccess started? Well, wonder no more, and come with us on a journey back to the very roots of PaintAccess.

PaintAccess is a leading Australian small business providing the best selection of paint and paint accessories at the best prices. So how did it all begin? Let’s take a look back in time at the history of PaintAccess. We’ll start by introducing its founder, Daniel Dorofeev. Daniel emigrated from Ukraine to Australia in 1999 and worked for a few years before creating a number of his small businesses. NGP was what started it all – a business providing professional building and infrastructure services. It was successfully operated up to 2013. In 2013, the services of NGP were expanded into building renovation. 

About Daniel Dorofeev

Daniel Dorofeev, founder of PaintAccess
Daniel Dorofeev, founder of PaintAccess

While he was working on this business, he found a gap in the market. There were plenty of platforms providing paint, but online paint accessory platforms were lacking. Nowadays, almost everything is online, and most people look to buy products online. It’s faster, easier, and more convenient than going into a store – and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s also much safer. Daniel decided to address this gap in the market by opening PaintAccess in 2009. PaintAccess provides excellent prices and a wide array of products available to tradies and DIY homeowners alike. It’s customer-orientated and run by painters, for painters. After all, who else knows the needs of painters better than painters themselves?

Since 2009, PaintAccess has established itself as one of the leading providers of paint and paint accessories on the Australian market. Their current aim is to continue to provide only the best tools and accessories and ensure that they are available to everyone. Back in 2009, they stocked only a small range of quality products. Since then, they have expanded to provide a wide range of paint and paint accessories, including products from top brands such as Graco, Dulux, Mirka, Taubmans, and many more.

What makes PaintAccess different?

You might be wondering, “what makes PaintAccess so great?” or “why should I choose PaintAccess over its competitors for my paint and paint accessory needs?” We understand that there are many different options on the market, so we’re here to tell you what makes PaintAccess stand out!

Affiliate program

Looking to earn a bit of extra income? PaintAccess provides you with the opportunity to become an affiliate partner and an easy way to make passive income from the comfort of your own home! Whether you are a large network, content site, social media influencer or blogger, you can become an affiliate partner with PaintAccess. The best part is that you can earn up to 5% commission on every successful referral. For more information and to sign up to become an affiliate partner, visit PaintAccess’ affiliate page. 

Trade discount

PaintAccess is constantly looking for ways to help you save money and stay on budget. Just one of the many ways they have been helping tradies is by introducing a permanent discount available to all tradespeople and companies. They offer a 7% discount on orders over $200, and all you have to do to claim this discount is fill out a quick identity verification form. Visit the trade discount page on PaintAccess’ website to get started!

Fast delivery Australia-wide

As an Australian-based independent small business, PaintAccess has prioritised making paint and paint accessories as accessible as possible to all Australians. PaintAccess offers delivery Australia-wide, with impressive speed to ensure you get your items right when you need them.

In fact, PaintAccess values the importance of its customers’ time and is proud to offer the fastest delivery in the industry! During the current COVID climate, more and more people are opting to shop online. In light of this, PaintAccess has worked hard to make sure the convenience of online shopping is as easy as possible for their customers.

On-site repairs

Sometimes, things go wrong, and you find yourself in the position of needing a repair. You don’t want to have to travel long distances or waste time researching service centres just to get your sprayer repaired! Luckily, PaintAccess offers the convenience of small sprayer repairs on-site in their St Leonards warehouse. For bigger machines, they have authorised Graco repair centres in all states of Australia. No matter the issue, PaintAccess has ensured that you’re covered 24/7.

Best advice

Not only does PaintAccess offer the best selection and price, but they offer expert advice – no matter if you’re a DIY homeowner, a tradie, or anything in between. After all, nobody knows more about the needs of painters than a company established by painters themselves. 

It doesn’t matter if you need general advice about your renovations or specific advice about a particular project, PaintAccess does it all! Just visit their St Leonards warehouse for in-person advice or email or call, and one of their friendly customer service assistants will get back to you as soon as possible.

History of PaintAccess

Painting guides

Not only does PaintAccess provide the best products and prices, but they also have a wide range of “how-to” blogs on various topics to help you get started. Anything from selecting your paint and painting tools to how to paint your walls and deck is available as a helpful blog guide on PaintAccess’ website.

Video guides

It’s not only painting guides that PaintAccess provides for their valued customers! They also have a YouTube channel where they provide detailed instructional guides on a range of interesting topics. They are often joined by painters and experts in the industry, so you know you can trust their advice! Whether you need to know how to set up your handheld sprayer, how to use a dustless sander or anything in between, PaintAccess will have a guide to help you.

Made in Australia products

PaintAccess has a wide range of Australian-made paint and paint accessories. Buying Australian made products helps to support Australian businesses and the economy, and the value you spend stays in Australia. 

Every purchase of an Australian made product helps to support jobs, economic development, and prosperity in Australia. Australian made products give you the confidence that you are buying from a business that provides top quality products, treats and pays their workers fairly, and uses high-quality materials. By supporting Australian businesses, you are also helping Australia recover from the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Australia has stringent environmental guidelines that must be adhered to during the manufacturing process. When you buy Australia made products, you’ll also be contributing to fewer carbon miles and greenhouse gas emissions created in transporting your goods!

Paint calculator

Another of the many useful features that PaintAccess provides to their customers is the Paint calculator. The paint calculator allows you to calculate how much paint you’ll need for a particular painting project. No more wasted time and money trying to estimate how much paint you need!


PaintAccess has regular promotions to allow their customers to get the best paint and paint accessories at an even better price! Currently, PaintAccess is running a Winter Free Pack Promotion with any purchase of select Graco Sprayers. However, this promotion is only valid until the end of October, so get in while you can!

History of PaintAccess

Future of PaintAccess

Looking into the future, PaintAccess has even bigger ambitions to expand and improve its business. Currently, they are looking to expand their warehouses into more locations across Sydney. This move will help to provide more options for customers to pick up their orders or browse PaintAccess’ range of products in person. They also aim to gradually expand their range of products with a continued focus on high quality, best prices, and best advice.

As a small business always looking to grow, PaintAccess is looking for talented individuals to add to their team. In particular, they are looking for experts in all things marketing, SEO, and Google Ads. They are always on the lookout for like-minded and passionate individuals who want to help PaintAccess reach its fullest potential. If you are interested in taking advantage of this exciting opportunity, visit PaintAccess’ We’re Hiring page for more information. 

PaintAccess is also developing a new system to help customers nationwide to select their paint and get it delivered from the closest location. It’s just like Menulog – but for paint!

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