How to create a successful portfolio

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To be the first one to get a particular task, you should meet all customer’s requirements and show that you’re a perfect candidate to be hired. For this purpose, your profile and portfolio should express your professionalism and experience. However, in your profile, all you need to do is just to write some information, whereas, in a portfolio, you should also use all your skills and imagination so that it is informative and attractive.

This article tells you all about how to create and design a portfolio every customer will like.

How to create a successful portfolio

First of all, use only successful examples of your works. The first impression is significant, and you should do everything to impress a customer.

Secondly, if you’re a beginner, you can use works you have done during your college or university study, and those done for your relatives or friends. The main thing for you is to show that you have the skills required and not just that you have already done a piece of work for somebody for money. Nobody cares whether you have worked somewhere before. The main thing is to see that you have experienced doing what is required.

Then, don’t forget about the visual side of your works. As mentioned before, the first impression is significant, and the first thing a customer sees is design. Make it attractive and catchy so that it makes a customer look through your works. And remember: nobody likes boring tones or text so keep it varied and exciting. That’s why…

make your portfolio in the form of a presentation. You shouldn’t download all your successful works separately: instead, you can make a presentation where you will include some screenshots from your works.

How to create a successful portfolio

It is also very important to delete your old works from your portfolio. With new ones, you develop your skills and mastery, and old works may already be out of date for your current level. Besides, nobody’s going to know what’s new and what’s old. If the customer opens your old work first, he or she will not be able to see the professional development you have gained since the completion of the work.

Finally, if it’s possible, make a video-presentation of you and your works. People like to watch and listen rather than to see and read. This way, you will build up the customers’ trust because they will see your portfolio, hear your voice, see your movements, and you as a person, not just as a page on the service.

In conclusion, following all these tips will help you make your portfolio better and attract more customers! Give it a go, and we are sure that you will see excellent results. 

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