BorisDoes. An all-in-one system for
  • painters
  • roofers
  • electricians
  • builders
  • painters
  • plumbers
  • removalists
  • cleaners
Generate a website for your business in 30 seconds
Manage clients
Accept online payments
Send automated and branded quotes and invoices
Chat with your customers
Request deposits and customer digital signatures at quote acceptance
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What users say about BorisDoes...
Steve Anderson
Jan 14, 2023 •
I was able to create a website for my business quickly and easily, which helped me reach new potential clients.
Julie Livingston
Sep 22, 2023 •
The quoting and invoicing tools are great, and clients could pay for the work I had done using different payment methods.
Graham Smith
Aug 3, 2023 •
I’m really impressed by how easy it was to create a website for my painting business. I’m looking forward to growing my business in the future.
Grant Ballard
Aug 7, 2023 •
It's great that clients can pay using different payment methods. That really opens up a range of options for my business.
Establish your online presence with a professional website for your business:
  • Generate a website in less than 30 seconds
    Create a website for your business in a few clicks and then add relevant information, use AI to generate content, or engage PaintAccess experts to produce content to present and promote your business
  • Choose a website theme to suit your style
    Choose from a variety of visual elements designed to present your business in the best possible light. Choose a theme that suits your existing branding, or relaunch your business with new branding and a new style to engage your customers
  • Allow customers to log in to your website
    Create your own dashboard for customers so they can log in to your website using unique login details. From there, they can manage quote requests, respond to quotes you have produced, and pay invoices
Get paid for your services:
  • Sell services and products to customers
    BorisDoes is a full-service business solution that allows you to deliver a wide range of products and services to customers. From plumbing services to plumbing supplies, roof restoration and painting, dog walking, computer repairs, handyman services, cleaning and everything in between
  • Accept various payment methods
    Allow customers to access a wide range of payment methods including credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), direct deposits, and Stripe, with other electronic payment methods being added all the time
  • Manage automated emails and SMS notifications
    Send emails and SMS messages to clients using BorisDoes’ automated systems, ensuring your clients will never miss a notification
Manage your business processes:
  • Receive quote requests directly from your website
    Open up new opportunities for quotes by allowing customers to request quotes directly from your website. That means a dedicated channel that enables customers to visit your site, research your services, make a decision about what they are interested in, and request a quote without you having to commit additional time or effort to conversion
  • Send quotes and invoices to customers
    Calculate the cost of work and materials to produce detailed and accurate quotes. Submit quotes to customers for their approval, and then have those quotes automatically converted into sendable invoices for customers to pay before you start work
  • Use your own built-in chat tool
    One of the best features of the BorisDoes Business Solution is the personalised chat tool that allows you to communicate with customers on an ongoing basis. Respond to quote requests with questions seeking further information
We help tradies win more business
BorisDoes brings together everything you need to manage your business effectively. You can simplify your workflow, advertise your services, manage your clients and get paid online faster!
A simpler solution
Don’t pay for 5+ different apps. BorisDoes has it all…
  • Website development
    from $1,500.00
  • CRM system
    from $150.00/mo
  • Email and SMS marketing
    from $50.00/mo
  • Quoting & Invoicing software
    from $50.00/mo
  • Meeting booking calendar
    from $40.00/mo
  • What you’d spend otherwise
    Choose BorisDoes business
    • Can customers request quotes directly from my BorisDoes website?
      Yes, customers can request quotes directly from your website. That means a dedicated channel that enables customers to visit your site, research your services, make a decision about what they are interested in, and request a quote without you having to commit additional time or effort to conversion.
    • Is there any way to keep track of my customers?
      Yes. With BorisDoes you can manage all of your transactions for multiple customers simultaneously; from quoting and invoicing to deposit and balance payments. Track which customers have paid, and which you are still waiting on payments from. Keep records of payments from customers and transfer data to the accounting software of your choice.
    • What if I can’t write content for my new website?
      The team behind the BorisDoes has enabled cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) content development tools, which means you can add new pages to your website whenever you like and use AI to populate those new pages with content. That means if your business starts offering a new service, you can create an engaging and detailed page on your website so that customers can see what that service is all about, and can instantly request a quote from you for the provision of those services.
    • What if I use social media to promote my business now? Can they be integrated?
      Absolutely. You can add links to your social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to develop relationships with your customers. Engage with your customers and potential customers by showing them your completed work and the processes you use to complete work. Add links to your website to your social media channels and promote your website so that customers can find you online and head straight to your website for a quote. It’s quick and easy to establish and maintain a strong online presence across all platforms.
    • What does a “CRM” do and is this included?
      The BorisDoes websites include a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system with a personalised chat feature, and tools for tracking and managing transactions. You can respond to quote requests, ask questions of customers, answer their questions about your services, and review previous work completed for customers.
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