Do I need ID to register on BorisDoes?

No. No documents are required to register and use BorisDoes. However, be prepared for Customers to request photo ID and other documents related to work or assignments. We also recommend filling out the badge page. This will improve your reputation and increase the trust of those interested in your services.

When should I contact the BorisDoes Support Team?

Whether you have an issue with a Customer, Tasker or Business or you have found an annoying bug on the website, the BorisDoes Support Team is ready to help you at any time of the day! We work 24/7.

I really want to earn money, but I'm not really the best at anything. How can your service help me?

BorisDoes lists services that do not require special qualifications. We're sure that you will find something you are good at. We encourage you to subscribe to our social media pages for tips on improving your skills and collaboration with your customers.

I believe that I have completed the task successfully but the Customer isn’t happy. What can I do?

If you believe you provided a high-quality service, but the Customer is not satisfied and does not want to confirm the task has been completed so that you can receive payment, there are a few steps that should help. If you try to negotiate and discuss a problem with a Customer and it still doesn't work, you can ask the BorisDoes Support Team for help. The representative will speak to both parties, review all presented documents, and use the evidence to resolve the dispute. It's a good idea to save proof of task completion, such as screenshots, photos, and reviews, in case of future conflicts.

Are payments on BorisDoes safe?

The BorisDoes Smart Contract is a BorisDoes feature that helps Customers, Taskers, and Businesses work together without risk. This can be compared to a regular escrow deposit. The Customer deposits the money with BorisDoes, and the Tasker or Business only gets the money after the task is completed successfully. Find out more information here: https://borisdoes.com.au/info_page/borisdoes_smart_contract

What if I don't know how much to pay for a task?

You can use the Request a Quote feature and get quotes from Taskers and Businesses near you.

What is the BorisDoes Affiliate Program?

By joining the BorisDoes Affiliate Program, you can earn extra money doing nothing! You’ll receive a QR code or an affiliate link which you can then share with your friends and family. For each newly registered user that comes to BorisDoes via your QR code or link, you'll get $5. You’ll then receive 5% of the total of any task created and closed by a user you’ve invited.

Can I register my business?

Yes, on BorisDoes we call that a Business account and you can register your business in the same way you register yourself as a Tasker.

How many categories can I add to my profile?

As many as you like. We encourage you to offer services in as many categories as you have skills, experience or qualifications.

Am I limited to providing services in my local area?

Not at all. If the services you provide can be provided online, BorisDoes is a great platform for you. As a Tasker or Business you can deliver services to people in your local area, of course, but online services like tutoring, programming and social media marketing can be provided to Customers anywhere in Australia and anywhere in the world!

Can I import reviews from other platforms?

Yes! If you have great reviews on another site and would like your potential BorisDoes Customers to see those great reviews, you can ask us to import them for you. Simply contact the BorisDoes Support Team, we'll have a look at them and make sure they are legitimate, and then we'll import them for you so that you can display them on your BorisDoes Tasker or Business profile!

So I can be a Tasker or Business and a Customer?

Yes! That's the great part about BorisDoes! You can register as a Tasker or Business and make money completing tasks for Customers. But you remain a Customer and can start a task or get a quote anytime you need to. That means if you need your house cleaned while you complete a task for someone else, you can! It also means you can find Taskers who can help you complete work for Customers. Maybe you're a tradie who needs a subcontractor? Easy! You can complete tasks and have tasks completed all in the same place!

What should I do if there is no possibility for me to complete a chosen task?

Explain to the Customer what happened and politely refuse to perform the work.

How can the task duration be extended?

Only the Customer can extend the task duration. Politely ask him or her to do it.

How to get a good review?

For Taskers, you have to perform the chosen work on time and make sure that the Customer is satisfied with the result. For Customers, it is necessary to clearly define the task and make adjustments to the Tasker’s work (if necessary) so that everyone is satisfied with the results.

Which orders shouldn't I take on?

Any tasks that breach Australian legislation or require the work from a field you're unfamiliar with.

How to close the task after its completion?

After the task is 100% completed, click on the "The task is completed" button. Once the Customer confirms the completion, the money will be transferred to the Tasker’s account.

Is it possible to find a permanent job through this service?

Yes, of course! We don't restrict our Taskers to only one-time tasks. We wish all our Taskers to interact with great Customers with whom they will want to keep collaborating with.

I have no experience. Can I use the service to get it?

Yes, of course! Have a look at all service categories and think of where your skills and knowledge can be fully utilised.

I have time to work only at night time or on the weekends.

It's not a problem. Our service operates 24/7.

I want to earn money quickly.

In this case, you should pay attention to the urgent tasks and quote requests first.

In which cases can I use the Technical Support Service?

BorisDoes Support is ready to help the users with questions 24/7.

Do I need to worry about the ATO?

You shouldn’t worry about the ATO if you follow the advice when working through BorisDoes. However, if you don’t declare your earnings, you’ll get in trouble. Besides the tax money, you will also need to repay fines and interest charges. If you have any questions, you can always consult your tax agent. They will try to ensure that you’re ATO obedient and to minimize the tax you should pay.

Do I need to inform the ATO about the money I get every time I work through BorisDoes?

Yes, you need to declare the money you receive from BorisDoes every time, even if it’s only a couple of dollars. This money is considered your official income, and ATO can get the records about income from BorisDoes at any time.

How do I keep track of my BorisDoes taxes?

BorisDoes understands that when BorisDoes isn’t your only source of income, it may be hard to record everything you earn. Because of that, BorisDoes recommends that you use a spreadsheet or some form of accounting software where you can record when you completed a task, where you did it, and how much you were paid for it. Don’t forget to include all your receipts if you buy something for a task on BorisDoes. You can also create a separate bank account specifically for income from BorisDoes.

Do I need an Australian Business Number (ABN)?

If you want to work through BorisDoes, you should register for an ABN. This will prove that you’re a sole trader business, and it will help you at tax time. You should also remember that when you have no ABN, a customer can withhold the highest tax level (47%) from the money they are going to pay you and pay it to the ATO. However, if you have already registered ABN, a customer won’t be able to withhold any taxes from you, and you will pay them on your own when it’s tax time.

Do I need to register for GST?

You should register for GST only if you earn more than $75,000 per year from BorisDoes and/or any other freelance work. After registering for it, you need to include GST on your invoices and lodge Business Activity Statements (BAS) quarterly. If you’re not sure how to do it correctly or you have any questions, it’s best to consult your tax agent for further assistance.

How do I pay my BorisDoes taxes?

All your earnings on BorisDoes are considered to be your income by ATO. BorisDoes doesn’t withhold any taxes, but you should pay the tax owing when you do your tax return. Because of that, don’t forget to enter BorisDoes into your tax return. To make your taxable income as low as it can be, don’t forget to include BorisDoes related expenses. After receiving your tax return, the ATO will calculate all taxes and inform you how much you need to pay in the end.

I had to pay for some materials to complete a task. Can I write them down as a tax deduction?

It depends on how you use it: if you buy an item solely to complete a task, you can write it down as a tax deduction. However, if you purchase an item for personal use or partially for personal use, you shouldn’t either claim it as a tax deduction or apportion the work and personal use. It’s also important that an item you buy for your own money has a receipt for it to be claimed as a tax deduction. For example, buying a sledgehammer and using it for BorisDoes tasks only for 30% of the whole time, you can claim 30% of the total cost as your tax deduction.