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Have you started a business and want a new website? Perhaps you have a website but aren’t getting the results you want. Maybe you have rebranded and now need your website updated to align with your new brand. Or maybe you have identified a new target market and want to engage with new potential customers. Getting web design right can be the difference between doing business and running a great business. Professional web designers understand the latest design trends, the best way to integrate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the best way to make your website mobile friendly, and the best way to present your business or organisation professionally. As you can see, BorisDoes has worked with some great web designers, and we know what works. Now we’ve gathered the best web designers from around Australia and made them available here on BorisDoes. A BorisDoes web design Tasker can redevelop and revitalise your website, or they can develop new web designs and content from scratch. To let us know what you need, start a BorisDoes task, include as much detail as you can, and let BorisDoes Taskers and Businesses contact you with suggestions. If you would rather manage the project from start to finish yourself, check out our BorisDoes Taskers list, read some of the reviews from previous web design customers, and pick a suitably qualified and experienced Tasker. You can then use our unique Chat functionality to discuss your project with your chosen Tasker.These days, great website design is all about user experience. Whether your website is focused on online marketing, directing users to your online store, turning visitors to customers, social media integration, or engaging with prospective customers, web design solutions are focused on creating a seamless experience for users. An amazing experience for users means more engagement, more sales, more conversion, and makes for a much more effective marketing tool.

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Creating a task on BorisDoes is quick, easy and free; you'll wonder why you never tried it before! Adding a task takes just seconds which gives you the ability to create tasks the moment they cross your mind. You can add a title, specify a date, time, and location, and set the date when the task is due. If you don’t know how much to pay for a service, you can also request a quote - a new BorisDoes feature - which allows Taskers and Businesses to offer prices and services in response to your task! And don’t forget: you can create as many tasks, and request as many quotes, as you like!

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How do I find a web designer near me?

It’s simple to find a web designer near you with the help of BorisDoes. Simply start a task or request a quote to get estimates from professional web designers. The great part about web design is that you don’t need to find a web designer around the corner from your business - there might be a talented web designer on the other side of the world who understands your industry and can develop engaging and meaningful designs and content for your website. The world is a small place and thanks to BorisDoes, you can find web design services

What is web design?

Web design includes all of the different elements, tasks, and features that need to be developed to create a website. That means graphic elements, content, buttons and navigation tools, ecommerce features if your website is used to sell products, quoting tools if your website is used to sell services, and technical functions like feedback forms and customer database sign-up tools. You want elements that grab the attention of visitors (potential customers and clients) and information that clearly outlines the features of the products and services you sell. That means finding a web designer who can bring those elements together into a cohesive website that can be viewed on desktop and mobile platforms. Web design is not a new discipline but there are constantly new technologies and content management systems being developed.

How much do web designers charge?

The cost of your new website will depend on a few factors. The most significant is complexity - how many unique elements does your web designer need to design and develop just for your new website. If they can base your website on a WordPress theme, the Shopify platform, or an existing content management system (CMS) it might be possible to develop a new website for a few hundred dollars. If you need bespoke elements to be designed from scratch, complex ecommerce systems, integrated database functionality, or something else complex, it could cost a few thousand dollars. Then there’s ongoing hosting, maintenance and management. Your web designer should be able to give you a good idea of what you need based on initial discussions, and should then be able to provide you with a quote.

Is it worth paying for a web designer?

Absolutely. If you’re a web designer and you’re looking for work, you can sign up for BorisDoes and provide your services to Customers. If you’re not a web designer, it’s likely something that will be quite difficult for you to achieve on your own. It’s possible to teach yourself to use WordPress - of course - so that you can create a basic placeholder website. But if you need anything more complicated, the learning and courses you would need to do mean that hiring a professional web designer is probably worthwhile. A website is the image that your business presents to the world , and can be the difference between winning new clients and being ignored in favour of your competitors. If you win one or two new customers as a result, it might already be worth it.

Do I need to find a web designer near me?

It can help if your web designer understands your local market and the area in which your business operates, but it's not necessary. If you're on the Central Coast, you could try to find a Central Coast web designer. The same is true of North Sydney, the Gold Coast, West Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. But an interstate web designer might be able to provide a great service at a reasonable price and because web design is - by definition - something that can be done online, finding a Tasker or Business for custom web design services doesn't need to be limited to your local area.

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