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Marketing is just for big business, right? Not at all. Whether you’re a small business (small-to-medium enterprise; SME) or a big business, marketing allows you to tell your potential customers about your products and services. That’s helpful no matter what you’re selling. Marketing can help tell people about your business, your brand, your product, your service, your idea, your community group, or your event. Marketing is designed to get peoples’ attention – it can be simple and informative (to tell people about something important), or it can be fun and quirky (to convince people to try something new). A marketing expert will do the work to understand your business or organisation, understand your customers or clients, establish a marketing plan, and develop creative marketing content that achieves its purpose. The easiest way to develop a marketing plan and content for your project is with the help of a BorisDoes Tasker. Simply describe your business or product, explain what you would like to achieve, specify your budget, and our BorisDoes Taskers will contact you. Alternatively, browse the BorisDoes Taskers list and read some of the reviews from happy marketing Customers. Then pick a Tasker and chat with them about your project. Developing an effective and engaging marketing plan and promoting your business or product to your potential customers is easy with BorisDoes!

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Why is marketing important?

Marketing is not just about sales but also about the analysis, calculations and predictions made to lead your brand or business to success. Usually, if a business is not using marketing to its fullest, it can’t reach its full potential. In the modern world, the word "marketing" has become fundamental to a business’ success. So why do you need to use marketing anyway? 1. To engage the audience. To sell a product, you need buyers, and to get those buyers, you need to get their attention. Through marketing, you can. Plan what actions you will take for this and predict the result when you receive the first feedback. 2. For brand reputation. You need to think about how to sell a certain product but also how to gain the trust of the audience. Thanks to smart marketing, you will not only make a profit but also make your brand recognisable so that in the future, customers will come to you on their own. 3. For trust between the customer and the brand. Once you have a good reputation for your brand, you will almost automatically gain the trust of your customers. But the most important thing is to carefully think over your actions after that, because it is difficult to earn trust, and it is very easy to lose. 4. To inform your buyers on time. Whether you are launching a new product, introducing a service, or simply adding a new feature to your website and confident that this should explode on the market - marketing channels will help you inform the audience interested in your brand. 5. To increase sales. In 2021, marketing involves many ways to increase sales: offline advertising, online advertising, TV advertising, etc. Thus, by launching an advertisement in one of these ways, you expand the reach of a potentially interested audience and thereby increase your customer base. 6. For strategy. If you are just beginning your marketing strategy, you need to figure out which way of interacting with the public will work best. For this, a marketing strategy is needed: after testing different options, you will understand which one works best and which one is better not to use. 7. To retain existing customers. It's not enough just to build trust in a brand - you also need to make people come back. Marketing helps not only to acquire new customers but also to encourage return old ones again and again. 8. To increase profits. Old and new customers will increase your profit, which you can spend on improving your business and attracting new customers. It's important to keep up with the times, introduce new features and opportunities for buyers and users. 9. For accurate data. Marketing is not only about advertising but also accurate numbers. Thanks to them, specialists can analyse and make predictions for your businesst. Still not applying marketing features to your business? The specialists from BorisDoes will help you with this! Just create a task and get the best marketer for your business soon.

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a business development plan. It includes answering such questions as to how to increase business profits, how to improve brand reputation, how to attract new audiences, etc. Thus, the marketing strategy covers 4 goals: market, production, organisational and financial. A marketing strategy is usually planned for up to 3 years. Since the world changes rapidly, its hard to predict how your marketing strategies may change in the future. There are global, basic, competitive marketing strategies and growth strategies. What is the difference? 1. Global Marketing Strategies. Such strategies are focused on reaching an international audience and the coverage of consumer needs in different countries. 2. Basic marketing strategies. They determine whether the company will grow or stay at the current level. 3. Competitive marketing strategies. Such strategies are divided into 4 approaches; 1) Cost Leadership (Low-Cost) Strategy. Following this strategy, a company sells its products or offers services for a lower price than its competitors on the market. 2) Differentiation Strategy. If you follow a differentiation strategy, it means that you will need to make your product different from your competitors’. 3) Best-Cost Strategy. In this case, a company tries to improve the quality of the product and reduce its cost simultaneously. 4) Market-Niche (Focus) Strategy. This strategy reaches companies in a narrow niche. In this case, the company is trying to reach that segment of the audience that their competitor haven’t. 4. Growth strategies. Like the name suggests, such strategies are aimed at expanding the business, increasing sales, and capturing a larger market share. Growth strategy options include market penetration, market expansion, product expansion, diversification, and acquisition. While the marketing strategy may not seem so complicated, there can be many obstacles in developing it. Need help with a strategy for your business? Marketing specialists at BorisDoes are always happy to help you!

What does a marketing manager do?

A marketing manager is a specialist who advises companies and brands on marketing issues, conducts the necessary research and analyses, and also works on projects, achieves set goals and controls the entire process from the very beginning. Marketing managers also develop advertising strategies, create marketing strategies, analyse the latest trends in the world of advertising and implement them. Also, such specialists do everything to increase sales and brand awareness. What is most important for a person who takes the position of marketing manager is constant analysis. Marketing is about numbers, analytics and statistics that can show whether you are moving in the right direction or you need to change something. Analytical skills are the first thing to acquire for a person who will become a marketing manager. Are you looking for such a person? BorisDoes advises you to look at our best marketing managers! Check the “Tasker list” page!

Are marketing agencies worth it?

While many people think that it is much easier to hire a contractor rather than to collaborate with a marketing agency, they are wrong: working with an agency is in no way inferior to working with an individual contractor. Marketing agencies are worth it, and there are lots of reasons why: - marketing agencies have different employees for different types of tasks (graphic designers, copywriters, targeted advertising specialists, and others), which is why the number of delays and mistakes made is lower; - experience in a large number of different areas. So many people, so many spheres of experience. Also, since many employees work in a marketing agency, these people have their own experience of working with different customers, companies and brands, which is also a plus for a certain agency; - proven results. Often marketing agencies have their own website, where they post the results of their work with their clients, and you can choose a marketing agency that already has successful work experience in your niche! Besides, working with a marketing agency, the customer can ask for additional services. For example, in addition to the web design for a website, content marketing service can be added, or, simultaneously with the creation of a website, brand pages on the social networks can be promoted. Although this will require additional expenses, it will not take additional time to search for a suitable specialist: all you need is to express your desire, and the agency will do everything necessary for this. Because a lot of specialists work in a marketing agency, you will get a bunch of promotion options: from ideas for promotion on social networks to the implementation of CRM in your business. Finally and most importantly: if you need lots of services to be provided for your business, you will pay less to a marketing agency rather than to separate specialists. Often marketing agencies offer a package of services that will be performed to achieve your goals. You can also contact independent contractors, but be ready to pay a little more. Want to develop your brand or increase sales as soon as it’s possible? Create a task on BorisDoes and find the best marketing agency which will help you to achieve success!

Will marketing jobs be automated?

BorisDoes wants to assure you, although a PwC analysis claims that 38% of all professions will be automated, the marketing and sales areas will be least affected by automation. The reason for this is that to implement a marketing strategy successfully, it is necessary not only to automate the processes but also to add creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, which, of course, only a human can do. However, you need to be ready to improve your skills: although Robots will not replace human resources, automation will invade marketing itself. Just imagine: back in 2015, marketers did not really know what Facebook Ads were and how to use it, but today it is one of the most powerful tools for promotion. Every day, new programs appear that are actively being introduced into the world of marketing. It is impossible to ignore them because they greatly facilitate the work of marketers. And this leads to the conclusion that in the future, those specialists who can combine their skills with automation products will benefit. The world of technology is evolving, and different professions must evolve with it. Need a marketing specialist who would use only up to date technology to promote your business or brand? Find this professional on BorisDoes! They are already waiting for you!

Are marketing and advertising the same thing?

While some people think marketing and advertising are two same things, they are wrong. Marketing is a process that includes design, creation, analysis and analytics. The marketing process is about studying the audience, its needs, and creating a plan for how to present a product to an audience and analyse how they react. Advertising is a process that includes the development and implementation of an advertising strategy. The main goal of advertising is to sell the product. Usually, it is a timely process, as it focuses on up to date tendencies that can be changed quickly. It should also be noted that advertising is a branch of marketing, which is based on the information that was previously obtained through research and analysis. That is why marketing can be called theory and practice, and advertising is only practice.

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