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Finding painters near you

When it comes to creating an inviting and pleasant environment, painting and decorating are usually at the top of the list. That’s because painting and decorating is a quick and easy way to make a significant change to your environment, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Painting and decorating can also make a big difference to the value of your property and is one of the quickest ways to enhance the value of your home prior to sale. So what do you need to know to find the right painter near you, and how do you know if you’re getting a good deal? BorisDoes is here to help and has some of the best painters and decorators in Australia ready to help you with your painting project. We can help you find the best house painters near you, or the best local commercial painter to help paint your business. Follow these quick and easy steps to find a BorisDoes painter near you…

Step 1: Know the industry - What is painting and decorating?

Painting includes a wide range of interior and exterior painting services including wall painting, feature walls, repairing, and new construction painting. It also includes special protective coatings and texture coatings to decorative paint and low VOC painting options. Our painting and decorating category also includes colour consultants so that you can get the help you need to pick a colour that suits your colour scheme. On the decorating side, BorisDoes has experts who can help with wallpaper, the preparation of surfaces for painting, the installation of special materials and panelling, and special decorative finishes.What is the difference between interior painting and exterior painting?Beyond the basic difference of “inside” vs. “outside”, interior and exterior painting often require a completely different approach in terms of the colour and style you pick, and even the painter you choose. Interior painting is all about creating an inviting and livable space with colours that match your personal style, the furniture and decor you have (or the furniture and decor you want in the future), and the way that you use each room. You might pick a darker colour for the walls in your home theatre where you want that classic movie theatre look and feel. But in your home office or laundry you’ll likely pick a lighter, brighter colour conducive to productive work. Outside your home, there are a number of differences too. It may be that you want a specialist paint for outdoor surfaces, like Dulux Weathershield, or you want a combination of colours to suit your style, location or neighbourhood. It’s also important to find a specialist painter if you want to paint specific external surfaces like a brick wall, a driveway, or a roof. Whether you need interior painting or exterior painting, BorisDoes can help you find painters to help you with your next painting project.  

Step 2: Define your goals - Why should you invest in painting services?

The benefits of painting or repainting your home or business might be obvious but getting return for your investment is still important. When was the last time your property was painted? Does your whole house need painting or will repainting key rooms get you the result you want? Are you repainting one coat of the same colour to refresh the paintwork, or several coats of a brand new colour? Once you have determined the commercial or residential painting services you want, it’s worth considering why you want the services you do, and the best way to get value for money. Why are painting and decorating services so popular in Australia?House painting has been popular since the construction booms of the 50s and 60s in Australia. With the development of new technologies like airless spray painting, the industry has shifted away from DIY and professional painters are respected tradies alongside builders, electricians and plumbers. In fact, those other trades know - especially when it comes to new construction and renovations - finding a professional painter is the key to producing a final product the client will be happy with. How can painting add value to your home?Absolutely. A fresh coat of paint can transform a home from a relic stuck in the 70s to a modern, inviting house. That transformation means that prospective buyers can see that the house has potential and has the ability to suit a wider range of modern furnishings. Modern, neutral tones also make it easier for a prospective buyer to imagine their own furniture in the home, increasing appeal. The same is true if the property is to be used as an investment, as any new landlord would avoid the cost of repainting before leasing the property to tenants. All of this means the ability to set a higher asking price and to negotiate more effectively.

Step 3: Hiring a local painter - What should you prepare for?

Once you have decided on the services you want, it’s time to find a professional painter who can complete your painting job. BorisDoes makes it easy to find painters, confirm their qualifications and expertise, see their past work and read reviews from previous Customers. In particular, there are a number of things you should check before hiring a painter.What should you know before hiring a painter?It’s important to know how your potential painting Tasker or Business operates, what qualifications and licences they have, what insurance coverage they have, what equipment they use, and the type of paint they prefer. Different states have different qualification and licensing requirements, but the “standard” national qualification is a Certificate III in Painting and Decorating provided by a nationally accredited registered training organisation (RTO), like TAFE. From there, each state has its own trades licensing structure but BorisDoes makes it easy to understand whether or not a Tasker or Business is qualified and licensed by including those details in their profiles. Check out some of our painting and decorating Taskers right here on this page.It’s important that your professional painter has public liability insurance. If they are contributing to a new home construction project they will need to be covered by home warranty insurance in most states. Tradies are usually happy to answer questions about other types of insurance they have, but other insurances aren’t usually related to consumer risk.Some professional painters have arrangements with specific suppliers like Dulux, British Paints, or Taubmans. That means they meet that supplier’s quality standards (which is a great sign) but it also means there may be limits on the different paint products they can offer to use. When you meet your painter for the first time, it’s important to assess their professionalism. Do they have their own brand or logo, do they have clothing that identifies their company or vinyl stickers on their car with their brand and contact information? It’s not necessary for a professional painter to have everything branded, but it is a good indicator of professionalism and legitimacy.  

Step 4: Getting a quote - How much should I pay for painting work?

Understanding how a painter calculates their quotes and what you should be paying for your painting job can be tricky. To answer the first component, we recently published a blog post about how painters calculate their quotes. To answer the second, we developed a clever guide to understanding how much painters charge per hour. In that guide we provide an understanding of the different things a professional painter takes into account when producing a quote. A painter will typically account for labour costs (their own time), paint, other materials, any specialist equipment for that particular job, and any site access or travel costs. The BorisDoes platform includes a quoting tool, which means free quote from painting services near you before you start.What is included in a painter’s quote?There are a range of things you should expect to see on a “standard” quote from a professional painter. A quote should be in writing (paper or electronic) with the painter or company’s name, their ABN, and contact details. A quote should also include a detailed list of the things your painter plans to do, a list of the products they plan to use, and prices associated with each item (or an indicative cost for unknowns like additional labour per hour). What should you look out for in a painter's quote? At BorisDoes we encourage our painters to provide enough information in their quotes that you can make an informed decision about what they plan to do and how much they will charge you for it. Quotes that are vague, provide general estimates (rather than specific prices), or don’t itemise what they plan to do and how much each element costs should be questioned. Quotes that don’t include basic information or contact details should not be accepted. It’s not necessarily the case that an incomplete quote is problematic, but it pays to ask for clarification if you have any concerns.  

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 How do I find a professional painter near me?

Simply start a task or request a quote on BorisDoes, including your location, and you'll get estimates from local painters and decorators near you with all the practical skills needed to complete your painting job.

What does a painting service include?

Painting services usually include preparation of the surfaces being painted, protection of surrounding floors and furniture, undercoat, sanding, painting and any finishing that needs to be done to achieve the desired outcome. Chat with your painting Tasker or Business before you start to get a clear idea of what services are included.

Do I need to find a commercial painter to paint my business?

Not necessarily, but it can help. A commercial painter who specialises in the painting of businesses, offices, and other commercial premises understand the paint and other products needed in commercial contexts. That means paint that is hard-wearing and easy to clean, especially for high-traffic areas. If you need your business premises painted, have a chat with your Tasker or Business before you start.

What is the fastest and cheapest way to paint?

Method of paint application has a lot to do with whether your painting project is cheap or expensive. If you choose to paint by brush it can take a lot longer but buying a single brush is much cheaper. Painting using a roller requires more equipment including a brush for cutting-in, a roller and extension pole to reach all areas, multiple roller covers, and paint roller trays for preparing paint. Many professional painters use an electric airless paint sprayer, which involves a significant initial investment but makes the process of painting much easier.

Is it cheaper to hire a painter or to do it yourself?

It can be cheaper to do it yourself (DIY) if you have the painting tools and equipment you need to do the job. But if you have to buy equipment, and paint, and then spend your own valuable time to complete your painting project it can be an expensive process. In that case, it can be a lot cheaper to hire an expert who can get the job done quickly and to a high standard.

What about commercial painting projects for businesses?

In addition to residential painting services, BorisDoes has a wide range of commercial painting services providers as well. Commercial construction, fit-out and relocation projects often require painting services and BorisDoes has both specialist commercial painters and all-rounders who have previous experience with both kinds of projects.

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