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May 3, 2023

Jim`s group
What does Jim’s Group do?

Jim's Group is Australia’s biggest franchise network, with more than 5,000 franchisees working across their 52+ divisions all over the world. Jim’s Group franchisees come from different ages and backgrounds with services that suits everyone’s needs. 

How did Jim start his own business?

Australian entrepreneur Jim Penman has gained recognition for his inspiring rag to riches story since launching his business in the 1980s.

Jim Penman founded Jim's Mowing while earning his PhD in history at Latrobe University. With only $24 to invest – Jim’s business has since grown to become one of the biggest and best-known lawn mowing franchises in the world. After just 7 years, Jim franchised his business, and since then it has grown immensely. 

Jim launched his cleaning business in 1994.

Jim’s Mowing division is the oldest, largest and most popular division across Australia and New Zealand with over 1500 franchisees. 

The second largest business in Jim’s Group is Jim’s Cleaning. 

According to Jim, The key to success in franchising is an overriding concern for the welfare of franchisees, and constant improvement in customer service.

Jim is still actively involved in running his business and can be directly reached by franchises and other clients with complaints. 

His PhD work continues with the funding he provides for a research program that looks at the epigenetics of social behaviour. Furthermore, Jim believes that this research funding can help in the treatment of mental illness and addictive disorders.


Jim has written several books out of which the famous ones are Every Customer a Fan, Biohistory: Epigenetics & Character, Biohistory Academic Version and Jim’s Book. 

Jim invites people to ask him anything on his weekly web series named #ASKJIM that airs once a week on his Facebook page on Wednesday at 7PM AEST. His weekly podcast alongside Joel Keeper delves into relevant topics that are currently trending. The subjects can vary from science, history, politics, religion, or current events. 

Jim takes mental health and awareness seriously, that's why franchisees are allowed to buy Jim's branded Trade Mutt shirts to promote these causes.

Jim put in place a mentorship program that designates franchises and franchisors as resources for assisting their peers within the network.

Various mental health charities are promoted by Jim through his participation in several charity events.

What are Jim’s fastest growing services?

  • Jim’s Car Detailing services - Jim's Car Detailing services have grown greatly, thanks to the number of cars requiring maintenance in Australia. With thousands of leads and plenty of work to go around, this division has significant future growth potential.
  • Jim’s Diggers services - Jim's Diggers services offers skilled operators various equipment, including Dingo Mini Diggers, Kanga Mini Loaders, Skid Steer Bobcat Loaders, and Mini Excavators.
  • Jim’s Painting services - Jim's Professional Painting services provides residential and commercial painting services across Australia. Jim’s professional team have the know-how, qualifications and expertise to guarantee a job well done; offering expert advice and quality services to customers in need! 
  • Jim’s Security services - Jim's Security services has been a proud pillar of Jim's Group, and being one of the most dynamic and fastest growing business in safeguarding Australians with utmost professionalism.
  • Jim’s IT services - Jim's IT services has emerged as a crucial ally for all computing needs. 
  • Jim’s Laundry Services - Jim's Laundry Services has enjoyed rapid growth, resulting in a 90% increase in franchisees during the second half of 2021. They offer convenient laundry services to make this tedious chore hassle-free, while their unbeatable customer care ensures they're always one step ahead.
  • Jim’s Removals services - Jim's Removals services provides reliable, comprehensive moving services that come with a Property Protection Guarantee.
  • Jim’s Bin Cleaning services - Jim’s Bin Cleaning services has been providing essential services to a variety of environments - from businesses and homes to councils across Australia. 
  • Jim’s Security Doors services - Jim's Security Door services offers security solutions that meet Australian Standards.
  • Jim’s Pet Patrol services - Jim's Pet Patrol services, has seen incredible growth since launching in 2021, with 500% increase in franchisees, becoming the fastest growing division of the organisation. 
  • Jim’s Mowing services – Jim’s team provide mowing services to keep yards looking lush and beautiful all year round. 

How much does Jim’s franchising cost?

Jim’s franchisee pays a franchising fee to Jim’s franchisor in exchange for the rights to use Jim’s Group trademark, brand or system when selling products or services. After gaining the rights, the franchisee is able to open and manage their business under Jim’s Group name with established processes and guidelines that make openings easier.

Other fees to be paid under the franchising agreement plan include:

  • Royalty fees – The fees that are paid to the franchisor in return for ongoing support;
  • Marketing fees – The fees that go towards a collective marketing and/or advertising spend that is used to promote the brand as a collective body.
  • Administrative or IT fees – The fees that go towards administration and other miscellaneous business costs.

Fees associated with franchising in Australia generally include a GST component, granted of course that the franchisor is GST registered. That means that GST-registered franchisees are able to claim a GST credit from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) on the GST included in their various ongoing fees.

Jim’s Group franchises are mobile based, not retail-based, meaning that the upfront fees needed to acquire a Jim’s franchise are lower than the upfront fees needed to acquire a retail franchise. This also means that there franchising fees is also fixed per month. 

The upfront costs involved in buying a Jim’s franchise depends on the division, the size of the territory, whether it’s an established business or a new business, and equipment required. 

A Jims Mowing franchise, for example, usually requires a capital investment of somewhere between $20,000 to $50,000.

Jim’s Group franchising fee include:

  • Monthly franchising fee – This fee covers the continuous benefits received as a franchisee, including brand name, logos, systems, and franchisor support. Again, this is a fixed fee, not a percentage of your profit, sales, or revenue.
  • Advertising fee – This fee goes towards a collective advertising fund, to advertise Jim’s brand as a united force and bring in new customers across all regions.
  • Cost per lead fee – This fee covers administration and call centre costs involved in taking in new leads. Leads usually range $9-$18 per lead.

What is Jim’s Marketing Strategy?

Selecting Jim's franchise means choosing the chance to become your own boss. Your chance of also running a business is now possible, setting a working timeframe that best fits your lifestyle, and enjoying more time engaged in activities that matter most to you.

The Jim's group also offers comprehensive training and support from day one.

Jim’s Group professionals advises its franchisees to prioritise focusing on two major social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram as these two platforms have a high ROI (Return of Investment). 

Besides this, Jim's offers franchise owners marketing materials (including training) when they sign on.

Assistance will also be given with drafting your own franchise marketing strategy. You gain a lot from obtaining the right to enjoy a widely-known name with a 99% brand recognition rate. You’re much more likely to achieve success with all of these benefits under your belt.

Why is it better to develop your own business brand than to work under a franchise?

Developing and running your own business is not for the faint-hearted, it requires determination and tenacity on a daily basis for success. You come out of your comfort zone when you have decided to own a business. 

1 – You are your own boss - Having a total control over your own success while following your dreams can be very stimulating. Your business's everyday vitality relies on you. Consequently, you will be motivated to make each day count. By working hard and being motivated, you'll enjoy later rewards.

2 – You will be fulfilling your own passion - Individuals who own businesses, pursue their passions and fulfil their dreams. In a way that working for someone else may not. Since you're responsible for establishing your business entirely, you possess the ability to design an organisation that makes you genuinely proud and that might even be inherited by your offspring as your legacy.

3 – You will achieve financial independence - Starting your own business offers more financial benefits than working for on a salary basis. Your wallet will grow in proportion to the growth of your enterprise which is built to have significant expansion potential. The worth of your business itself is significant. With each stage of growth, your business increases in worth. The decision is yours—sell it or hold on to it and pass it along to your heirs. It's valuable either way.

4 – You have the power to control your schedule - You could have a more flexible lifestyle and schedule, if you run your own business.  You have the choice to either schedule meetings around your family's schedule or work from home – there's no limit as the boss. There are no monitors who observe your job progress, guaranteeing completion using their methodology on their timeline.

5 – Your business is your job security – When you start your own company, you are securing your own job and investing in your future. Likewise, it could also be an approach to keep the business within the family. With your own two hands, you can prevent any future layoffs and determine your own destiny.

6 – You learn new skills – Gaining new knowledge and abilities is an ongoing process as you develop your business. Understanding the functioning of every small aspect of your operation would be possible. That kind of experience is exclusive when you have your own business.

7 – You become creative – As your own business you can produce, sell or offer any services you decide. Make sure to thoughtfully evaluate all options before you reach a conclusion. Your product or service has the option to remain mainstream. Being an entrepreneur means coming up with fresh ways to solve problems each day. You need to develop creativity and innovation qualities to be a prosperous entrepreneur, and you will improve these abilities every day.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owing your own business?



Your business start-up cost is as low as $10000.

You are on your own when starting your own business   .

Your business could eventually become your own franchise.

You can experience a high rate of failure when much is unknown about your own business.

You are the sole owner of your business. 

You work long hours without any training and support.

You have complete control over your business and its decision making process.

Your odds are against you.

You run your business on your own terms. 


You learn new skills while running your own business



What are the advantages and disadvantages of working under a franchise?



Franchises come with a proven track record, training programs, supply chains and technical support.

Franchising can offer the established brand more recognition and support with cost ranging up to $1 million.

Franchises that have been well established have low failure rate.

Ongoing fees and mandates can reduce profit levels.

Franchise purchasing provides a turnkey business ready for new owners.

Franchise failure rates vary and can be up to 40%.

Detail-oriented individuals who are good at following systems can excel in franchising.

To own a franchise is to follow a proper blueprint for success.

Franchise owners can either start from scratch or purchase an existing business.

Corporate-level scandals and mishaps can negatively impact franchise owners.

Franchising provides a clear retirement exit plan.

Your home is your office when you are a franchise owner.

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