Get tasks completed with no fees on BorisDoes!

That’s right, at the moment BorisDoes has no fees for Customers or Taskers. That means you can get tasks done, or complete tasks for Customers, without paying any fees. As a Customer you can get full value for your payments to Taskers and Businesses; what you pay is what you Tasker will receive and nothing will be taken out along the way. As a Tasker or Business you can get access to new Customers and new markets, growing your business at substantially lower cost than other business development, marketing or promotional options. So whether you’re a Customer or a Tasker, it’s a great time to sign up for BorisDoes!

Fee-free features for Customers:

1. You can create an unlimited number of tasks 2. You can choose the Tasker or Business that best suits each task 3. You can read reviews from other Customers, and leave your own reviews 4. You can discuss your take beforehand using the BorisDoes chat feature 5. You are protected with the BorisDoes Smart Contract 6. You authorise payment only when a task is complete 7. You can define the urgency of your tasks and get your tasks completed when you need to 8. You can develop your skills and complete tasks for others as a Tasker

Fee-free features for Taskers:

1. You can choose which tasks you offer to complete 2. You can pick and choose which tasks you quote for 3. You don’t have to chase Customers for payment; you are paid by BorisDoes 4. Your payment is set aside before you start a task and released to you on completion 5. You can include qualifications and insurance details to demonstrate trustworthiness 6. You can import reviews from other Customers on other platforms 7. You can demonstrate your skills and experience with a detailed portfolio 8. If you work remotely you can complete tasks for Customers anywhere
Fee-free features

Fee-free features for Businesses:

1. You remain a Customer so you can have tasks completed by other Taskers or Businesses 2. You can access Customers in new areas and markets to grow your business 3. You can start tasks and find great subcontractors to collaborate with 4. You can use your company name in your profile, so can enhance awareness of your brand 5. You can include social media links in your Business profile to drive engagement 6. You get a prioritised position in the BorisDoes Taskers list 7. You can track completed tasks to help manage your end-of-Financial-Year reporting
Fee-free features

And you can join the BorisDoes Affiliate Program too!

Even better, in addition to making money by completing tasks, anyone can join the BorisDoes Affiliate Program which means you can: 1. Earn money by completing tasks. 2. Pay no fees for completing tasks. 3. Earn additional income (also without fees) Win, win, win. Imagine being able to make money with no additional costs, and then being able to make extra passive income all in the same place. Just sign up for the BorisDoes Affiliate Program, share your QR code or link, and you’ll get $3 for every new Customer or Tasker that registers using those unique links.
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