How much does a kitchen renovation cost? | 2022

September 13, 2022

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Have you recently bought a new house and decided to renovate the kitchen? Or have you finally decided to complete that kitchen renovation project you've been planning for years? 

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, it's important to know how much a renovation will cost you. What's the average cost? How do you calculate labour costs? What should you expect to pay in installation costs? There are a wide range of things that impact on the cost of kitchen renovation and understanding them can help you to make smart decisions. 

A comprehensive kitchen upgrade can considerably enhance the resale price of your house and is a popular choice among Aussie homeowners and renovators.

While there's no standard kitchen renovation, and you should always consult professionals about the specific costs associated with your design, in this article we'll try to break down some of the costs associated with renovating a kitchen.

At BorisDoes we’re excited to support you while you plan the perfect kitchen for your home, and we’ve gathered a wide range of kitchen renovation Taskers and Businesses to help you.

What does the average kitchen renovation cost?

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It can be complicated to calculate the “average” cost of a kitchen renovation in Australia, primarily because a very wide range of factors have an affect material, labour, and appliance costs.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay between $25,000 and $35,000 for a standard-size, mid-range kitchen. A high-end kitchen renovation or larger kitchen renovation can cost more than $50,000 and a basic kitchen renovation or simple cosmetic makeover can be achieved for $10,000 or less. The average cost of a kitchen renovation is around $30,000.

Of course, you have a wide range of choices and the majority of kitchen renovations will be impacted by those choices. Making rash decisions and picking what you like without regard to your budget can lead to budget blowouts. Set a realistic budget and then stick to it as best you can. Be aware of your kitchen size and kitchen space and be conscious of extra costs. It is possible to achieve a cheaper kitchen renovation but you need to be diligent.

Within your budget, set yourself an appliance budget and shop around to find appliances in your price range. It might be possible to get luxury kitchen appliances as factory seconds or as part of annual sales.

What would it cost to get your dream kitchen?


While an average kitchen renovation at an average price might be the sensible option if you own a property as an investment, creating the perfect kitchen space in a house where you plan to live for years can be very rewarding. A custom kitchen with particular inclusions can add between $10,000 and $15,000 to the cost of your kitchen renovation.

Choosing solid timber cabinets over melamine doors or , selecting high-end appliances or premium appliances, paying design fees to have a professional create the perfect kitchen plan, or choosing premium stone kitchen benchtops can ensure a "magazine cover" kitchen that has everything you want. But these added extras come at a cost. Kitchen renovation companies have the skills and experience to make it happen, but you need to be conscious of the added costs.

If you’re looking to get your dream kitchen, rather than just an average kitchen renovation, you can expect to pay more. But there are a few ways you can get some of those extras at an affordable price. Shop around for components and appliances, get multiple quotes, and be flexible about your deadlines so that renovation contractors aren’t trying to push to meet overly ambitious deadlines. 

What determines the cost of a kitchen renovation?

Before you start your project it's important to understand your complete kitchen renovation costs, including the cost of materials, appliances and labour, and any additional costs.

There are a number of specific factors and choices that can have an impact on the cost of your kitchen renovation, including:

1. Quality of materials - choosing high-quality products and components for your kitchen renovation will increase the cost. However, high-quality materials can mean that your new kitchen features last longer so that you don't have to replace them as quickly. You should avoid expensive materials that don't come with warranties or quality guarantees

2. Choice of kitchen design - where you place different appliances can make a big difference to the cost of plumbing and electrical work. Complex cabinetry can also contribute to a more costly renovation. Size can also impact on costs so it's important to understand particular costs (like flooring) per square metre.

3. Labour & installation - while materials and appliances are a key cost, paying a professional to construct, install, and connect everything in your new kitchen can become the most significant cost. Licensed professionals have the skills and qualifications to complete the job but you'll need to include labour costs in your kitchen renovation budget.

4. Kitchen appliances - new kitchen cabinetry, natural stone benchtops, and a new tile splash-back are great, but you'll need to budget for the cost of appliances too. Popular options include separate oven and stove, an efficient dishwasher, and an effective range-hood.

How to decide between a remodel and a renovation?

A "remodel" is when you change the design of a kitchen, or you convert a different space into a kitchen. A "renovation" is where you change the features of your current kitchen and update components. Renovations are far more common, though remodel projects as part of a whole-house renovation can be quite cost-effective.

To decide whether you want to remodel or renovate, think about your existing kitchen layout and determine whether it suits your current needs. Do you want it to be bigger as well as more modern? You might need to encroach on an adjoining space and move some walls. Do you like your current kitchen configuration but want more modern bench-tops and new appliances? A renovation is probably the way to go.

Deciding which option is right for you usually depends on your kitchen budget and what you want the finished product to do. If you need some help, talk to a kitchen designer about the sorts of things you want from your project and whether a remodel or renovation is the way to go.


How do I find tradies for my kitchen renovation?

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Great news - the easiest place to find great tradies and professionals to deliver your kitchen renovation project is right here on BorisDoes. BorisDoes is an online platform designed to connect Customers who need tasks completed with the Taskers and Businesses capable of completing them.

From designers to help you plan, cabinet makers for quality cabinetry, and electricians for electrical installation to plumbers for gas connections or connection of taps and dishwashers, and tilers for wall tiles or that custom tiled floor. We have tradies across a range of disciplines and trades. Simply start a task or request a quote, provide some details and get estimates from professionals near you. Alternatively, head straight to the BorisDoes Tasker List, review feedback from previous kitchen renovation customers, and pick the Tasker or Business that's right for your project.



A kitchen renovation can be a major project and one that means cooking and eating somewhere else for a couple of weeks. Even a budget kitchen renovation of a quick kitchen makeover can be a serious undertaking. Knowing what you're likely to pay is the first step and hopefully this post has helped you to understand what some of the significant costs are likely to be.

When you're ready to start, head on over to the kitchen renovation category on BorisDoes and find a Tasker or Business to help you with your project. With BorisDoes you'll be cooking in that dream kitchen in no time!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will kitchen renovation take?

Project time-frames usually depend on the complexity of your renovation plan or kitchen design. A purely cosmetic kitchen renovation can be quite quick if you paint cabinets, replace existing appliances with new appliances that have the same dimensions, and install a kitchen sink and taps from an all-in-one kit. You might even be able to get everything done in a week. A comprehensive renovation involving a dedicated kitchen builder is not a low-budget option, but neither is it a quick option. You can expect for a total kitchen makeover to take 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer if internal walls and benches require structural carpentry. A kitchen builder should be able to estimate how long your renovation will take based on your floor plan an the raw materials you have chosen to work with.

How much does a small kitchen renovation cost in Australia?

A small kitchen renovation starts in a lower price bracket because you simply have less to build, lower installation costs, and fewer material costs. That said, static costs - like appliances - remain consistent, which means your "minimum cost" might not be as small as you think. A small kitchen can also mean you pay a premium for custom cabinetry because it requires additional bespoke design. Renovating a small kitchen is often a matter of making clever design decisions that utilise space effectively. You may not pay significantly less but you can create a kitchen that functions as effectively as a much larger kitchen.

Does a kitchen renovation add value to a home?

For the average homeowner in Australia, a new kitchen - whether it's a quick cosmetic renovation or a total kitchen makeover - can increase the value of a home exponentially. A kitchen is so significant to the day-to-day lives of most families that having a modern, up-to-date kitchen is at the top of the list for many home buyers. That means your kitchen renovation can often increase the value of a house by more than the project cost in the first place. As a result, it can be worth investing in a kitchen renovation, even if that means taking out a personal loan or a specialised construction loan. In addition to finding great kitchen renovation tradies on BorisDoes, you can also find finance brokers and financial advisors who can walk you through the process of applying for finance quickly and easily.

How much should I budget for kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet makers will tell you that it's very difficult to calculate the cost of new kitchen cabinets without seeing your space, reviewing your renovation plans, and making some measurements so that they can provide you with a quote. Construction and installation of cabinets can represent up to 30% of your total renovation costs, depending on your kitchen design. A flat pack kitchen can be a great way to get the cabinetry you need at an affordable price, though it may leave you with fewer options in terms of design.

What type of kitchens are popular at the moment?

When it comes to kitchens, there are a range of styles that are popular in Australia right now. The galley kitchen is a classic style that blends the functionality of a commercial kitchen with the personal touches of a family kitchen. Rustic kitchens combined elements like recycled timber with modern appliances to achieve a clever balance. U-shaped kitchens make practical use of a strange space and ensure different elements are arranged to make cooking easy and efficient. Open-plan living kitchens are a great way to integrate your kitchen into an adjacent living area for easy access and seamless integration.

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