How much does a pool cost? | Helpful Cost Guide | 2022

September 5, 2022

A pool is great for summer and can be a great way to add value to your home. But there are two costs you need to consider when deciding if you'll get a pool - the cost of building (or installing) a pool, and the cost of maintaining a pool. Because you need to consider the cost of pool installation and the cost of pool maintenance, being well-informed is critical.
In this blog post, we'll provide some tips and tricks to help you plan your pool construction project and manage the ongoing maintenance of your pool.

How much does an inground pool cost?

The cost of inground pool installation can vary significantly, depending on the materials you choose. An inground concrete pool costs between $35,000 to $100,000 to install, with an average cost of about $50,000. Fibreglass swimming pools cost between $25,000 and $75,000, depending on size, shape and configuration.

There are a number of other factors than can have an impact on inground pool prices including:

  • The availability of tradies in your area. Away from beaches and coastal areas, especially in hinterland areas that are being developed with new housing, pool installers can be sought after. Availability constraints can drive up average pool installation costs in your area.
  • Pool design. Plunge pools are a great option for those with limited space, especially for townhouse or terrace house redevelopments, but can be a lot more complicated and can increase construction costs. In the same way, a custom lap pool can suit particular blocks of land very well but can make for an expensive choice.
  • Location. In addition to the availability of tradies (above), location can have an impact on average pool costs. That's because different areas have different planning requirements and planning application processes, some of which are more complicated than others. It can help to understand approval processes in your area and account for planning assessment time in your new pool project plan.
  • Location (II). It's not just about where you live, but where on your block of land you plan to locate your pool. Backyard pools are the straightforward "standard" option but there are a wide range of other options if you have limited space. Professional pool builders will be able to give you guidance and advice about where you can install a pool on your block.

How much does an above-ground pool cost?

An above-ground pool will likely be your cheapest pool option as many require little landscaping or construction work to install. Installation costs are reduced because the structure of the pool itself is pre-built and installation usually doesn't involve additional excavation costs.

Of course, you can integrate above-ground swimming pools into surrounding landscaping by adding an adjoining deck, adding walls or other structural elements to hide the pool, and installing a permanent pool pump.

You can buy a large inflatable pool for less than $200 or install an integrated above-ground pool for between $10,000 and $30,000. Above-ground vinyl pools are a good middle-ground option offering long-term durability, the ability to relocate your pool in the future, and a lack of up-front costs. Above-ground pool owners will tell you that there are a number of other things you should consider when getting an above-ground pool installed:

  • Will you have the pool integrated into your existing landscaping or will you need to alter your current landscaping to suit your new pool?
  • Will your above-ground pool be freestanding with its own ladder for entry and pump, and how will you provide power to the pump?
  • Will you take the pool down in the winter and fill it again for summer?

Each of these decisions could result in additional costs and so you'll need to consider each if you make the decision to install an above-ground pool.

What about accessories and extras?

It is often the optional extras and special accessories that add real value to a pool, and function as value multipliers for the value of your home. Add-ons and luxury features include a wide variety of "lifestyle" additions including water features, hidden or underground pool pumps, and roll-away pool covers. Extra features, of course, come with extra costs and it's important to account for them in your budget for pool installation.

A water feature is a great idea and can often be integrated with pumps and filters designed to circulate water. Natural pools are becoming more and more popular and any feature that recreates a natural feature can help to complete that look.

A new outdoor pool can be a great opportunity to complete complementary landscaping and other features. A pool deck, covered pool area, or even a cabana can be included in the cost of a swimming pool and completed as one project, if you can afford the expense. Have a chat with your builder about your pool budget and the sort of extras you can include to suit your pool style.

How much does pool fencing cost?

pool fencing

If you're building or installing a pool, it's important to budget for the cost of pool fencing. Regardless of the type of pool you plan to get, pool fencing is essential. In fact, in most Australian states it is a legal requirement and you won't get planning approval for your new pool unless you include a plan that meets the specifications for pool fencing.

Pool fencing is generally an up-front cost and doesn't usually involve any ongoing costs. The cost of pool fencing varies, from around $200 per linear metre for timber fencing, to approximately $700 per linear metre for high end frameless glass fencing.

Timber fencing is an inexpensive option and is great if you need a pool fence that doubles as a boundary line. Many rural properties suit a partial timber fence for this reason, combined with a more expensive fence type along other boundaries. Pine timber slat fences are also quick to install which means they can even be used as a temporary pool fencing option while you save for something to suit a particular space. Likely the cheapest option you'll find.

A wrought iron fence or powder-coated steel fence is a good "middle ground" option. These became popular in the 90s and early 2000s and most Austraians are familiar with their looped tops in a variety of colours. They are still available today and are a great option for including a particular colour from your colour scheme.

A frameless glass fence can add a touch of style and modernism to your pool, and can be the key to achieving a visual panorama that isn't interrupted by a physical safety barrier. But frameless glass fences are among the most expensive options because each pane of tempered glass needs its own foundation and isn't supported by an additional frame.

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How much does pool maintenance cost?

Pool maintenance generally falls into two categories: the cost of running your pool so that you can enjoy it, and the cost of maintaining and cleaning it to ensure it lasts a long time.

Initial costs like design, planning approvals, and construction can be included in your pool project budget. But ongoing maintenance of your pool and pool equipment can be a difficult thing to budget for. Generally, the cost of ongoing maintenance often depends on your pool type. If you have a chlorinated pool, you need to keep a supply of chemicals, store them safely, and regularly check your water quality to ensure it is safe for swimming. If you have a salt water pool, you still need to check water levels and balance, and you need to monitor evaporation.

Robotic pool cleaners are the go-to option for most pool owners, and these provide for a self-cleaning pool (to an extent). Suction cleaners that you need to direct manually can make for very long pool cleaning sessions. Generally, your pool cleaning equipment won't last as long as your pool and will need to be replaced every few years.

Whether you have a heated pool or you just have pumps that need to be run periodically, your pool will require power and this represents an additional cost. Some energy providers have special plans for pool owners that account for the average energy consumption associated with owning a pool. It can help to shop around to find the right energy provider, and having well-maintained equipment - which remains energy-efficient - can make a big difference too.

Whether you're in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, the cost of pool maintenance can represent thousands of dollars in annual expenses and it is important to understand that before committing to a pool. It can help to create a budget for your long-term costs and include those in your monthly or annual household expenses.

How do I find tradies to help build my dream pool?

pool building

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth the money to put in a pool?

It can be. A sensible, affordable pool can be a great way to add value to a property - especially one that isn't near the beach. Expensive pools can lead to overcapitalisation and you may never recover the full cost of a luxury pool if buyers don't have the same taste you do. If you're installing a pool as an investment strategy, to increase the value of your property, creating a strict budget before construction begins is essential.

What is the cheapest price for an inground pool?

If you have the skills, qualifications and experience, you can do it yourself (DIY) and construct a poured concrete pool. Without understanding soil conditions and other factors, this can be a risky undertaking and could end in disaster. But those with the expertise to pull it off can complete a cheap pool project for less than $10,000. A traditional fibreglass pool is likely to be more expensive, but they are pre-constructed and if a manufacturer has an older model or design already made that they can't get rid of, you can sometimes get lucky and snag yourself a bargain. Shop around and see what you can find.

How can I save money building a pool?

As explained above, numerous factors have an impact on the cost of pool installation. Getting multiple quotes from pool builders is always a good idea, discussing your design with multiple pool builders can help give you an idea of the ways different pool installers might save on costs. You might be able to pick up second-hand pumps and pool cleaning equipment, which could save a few dollars. Whatever you do, just don't try to cut corners with your pool fencing.

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