How Much Does A Tiler Cost? [Helpful Illustrated Guide - 2023]

May 11, 2023

If you're planning to renovate your home or build a new one, hiring a professional tiler is an essential step. Tilers are skilled tradespeople who specialise in installing tiles on floors, walls, and other surfaces. They use a variety of materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, marble, and stone, to create stunning designs that add value and beauty to any space. In Australia, tilers play a critical role in the construction industry, and their services are in high demand. They work on a variety of projects, including residential and commercial buildings, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and outdoor areas.

Professional tilers have all the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge to ensure that your tiling project is completed to the highest standard. They will also provide advice on the best materials and designs to use, based on your preferences and budget. But before you start your tiling project, it’s important to know how much tiling will cost you and what you can expect from a professional tiling tradie. 

In this tiling cost guide we'll break down some of the costs and give you the information you need to review quotes and cost estimates you get from tiling tradies.


What do tilers do?

In simple terms, tilers install tiles made from ceramic, porcelain, marble, glass or stone. Tilers contribute to a wide range of projects, from large commercial buildings to small residential renovations. They are responsible for preparing the surfaces to be tiled, ensuring they are level, clean, and free of debris. They also measure and cut the tiles to fit the space, creating a precise and uniform finish.

Tilers are also experts in installing waterproofing systems, which is particularly important in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens. They ensure that the tiles are properly installed and aligned, which prevents issues such as cracking, chipping, and water damage.

In addition to installation, tilers also provide maintenance and repair services. They can fix cracked or broken tiles, re-grout and seal tiles to keep them in good condition, and replace tiles that have become damaged or outdated.

Overall, tilers play a crucial role in the construction industry, helping to create beautiful and functional spaces that meet the needs of their clients. Their expertise, attention to detail, and quality workmanship ensure that tiling projects are completed to the highest standard.

How much do tilers charge for labour across Australia?


It may surprise you but labour costs are relatively similar across Australia. In different capital cities, large regional cities, regional areas and rural areas, tradie labour costs are dependent on larger projects for the mining, commercial construction and property development industries. In those industries, labour costs are influenced by negotiations with unions, enterprise agreements, awards, and standard industry rates. Often, those rates carry over to the hourly rates charged by tradies who aren’t working on those projects. That’s because their preference is to work as an independent contractor or to operate their own business. But they know that if the market won’t pay those standard rates for labour, they can go and work on a big project for a large company that will pay those rates. 

In capital cities, more professional tiling contractors will charge between $30 and $100 per hour. That’s quite a big range, so let’s break it down a bit. Our research tells us that tiling tradies charge different hourly rates depending on their location. In places like Sydney and Perth where there are acknowledged tradie shortages, the average price per hour for labour is higher. In less competitive markets, it’s lower.







$40 per hour

$100 per hour

$70 per hour


$35 per hour

$70 per hour

$52 per hour


$30 per hour

$60 per hour

$45 per hour


$40 per hour

$80 per hour

$60 per hour


$30 per hour

$55 per hour

$42 per hour


$25 per hour

$50 per hour

$37 per hour


$35 per hour

$70 per hour

$52 per hour


$30 per hour

$60 per hour

$45 per hour


It should be noted that these are indicated labour costs per hour, based on our own research. Prices may vary and particular tradies might have their own reasons for quoting and charging more or less, potentially outside the ranges provided above. Of course, these costs don’t include material costs like tiles, adhesives, and grout. 

How much are tiles per square metre?

Once you understand what labour costs your project is likely to incur, it’s time to decide on a style of tile. To help you, we have another comparison table indicating the price you’re likely to pay for different types of tiles.


Type of tile


Basic ceramic matte tile

$25 - $30 per m2

Ceramic 3D gloss tile

$35 - $50 per m2

Ceramic matte tile

$45 per m2

Porcelain natural tone tile

$50 - $70 per m2

Porcelain wood-look tile

$50 per m2

Artisan Italian porcelain tile

$200+ per m2

Paver-style porcelain tile

$70 - $90 per m2

Porcelain marble-look tile

$70 - $110 per m2

Terazzo stone mosaic tile

$150+ per m2

Natural stone tile

$80 - $100  per m2

Decorative ceramic tiles

$120+  per m2


As you can see, your choice of tile can make a big difference in terms of your project costs, with options from $25 through to $200+ per m2. Of course, there are even cheaper options available through construction material recyclers and even more expensive options through exclusive importers. But in terms of average cost, you can expect to pay between $50 and $70 per m2.

Should tiling tradies be licensed?

Depending on the size of the projects being undertaken, a tiling tradie might need a licence. As a general rule - though each state and territory is different - anyone completing “trades” work valued at a particular amount or more is required to have a licence. In New South Wales, that amount is $5000. If you don’t have a licence, you can’t complete trades work on any project with a higher value. And Government authorities take a dim view of tradies and contractors who continually underquote to avoid the threshold. 

In most jurisdictions, getting a licence means having a relevant qualification from a nationally accredited registered training organisation (RTO) like TAFE. The “standard” Australian qualification for tilers is the Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling, which is the qualification a tradie gets for completing a tiling apprenticeship. 

At BorisDoes we help tradies to list their qualifications and licences so that you know in advance if the Tasker or Business you are hiring has what you’re looking for. For small tiling jobs, hiring a tiler without a licence might be okay, but you should check with the consumer protection or fair trading agency in your state or territory if you aren’t sure. 


Is DIY a good option for tiling? 

The simple answer is “sometimes”, though it depends what you’re trying to do and how large an area you are tiling. For large areas or wet areas where you need water to drain to a particular point, tiling can be a complicated endeavour. That is also true of floors with a large number of corners, architectural features, or unusual angles. That’s because each of those require the careful measuring and cutting of tiles to produce a high-quality, professional-looking finish. 

Any tiling associated with drainage and plumbing should be left to an expert as mistakes can cause serious problems like water retention and water damage to adjoining areas. Replacing a few tiles for a kitchen splash-back is very different to retiling an entire bathroom floor with drains and bathroom fixtures. 

You can start with a couple of smaller tiling projects, like replacing a row of role tiles in your laundry, before moving on to larger and more complicated jobs. And if you’re ever in doubt, call in a professional tradie and avoid the risk of getting it wrong. 


Choosing a professional tiling tradie


Finding tiling tradies and choosing the right one for your tiling job has never been easier. BorisDoes has gathered tiling tradies from around Australia and they are now available right here in our BorisDoes Tasker List. That means you can start a task or request a quote to find a professional tiling Tasker or Business near you. 

You can use our unique chat feature to talk directly with tradies and Taskers, which means you can ensure they have the skills, equipment and experience to complete your tiling job. You can also find design consultants who can give you advice about the right tiles to pick for your indoor or outdoor space. Whether you need to tile a bathroom, kitchen, laundry, wet area or outdoor entertaining area, BorisDoes has what you need. 



What are the best tile materials to choose?

In Australia we're lucky to have a broad range of options available to us in terms of tile styles, materials, colour options, and designs. As outlined above, there are ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles available from as little as $25 per m2. Natural stone tiles, marble tiles, and ceramic subway tiles are more expensive but provide a wide range of alternate options. Mosaic sheet tiles reduce the level of difficulty associated with installing tiles, are great for kitchen splashbacks and often reduce the cost per m2 for some popular choices of feature tiles. Of course, you can pick more expensive options like designer floor tiles, high-quality porcelain tiles, gloss ceramic tiles, and glass tiles but each type of material has a cheaper or budget option too.

Does outdoor tiling cost more?

Outdoor tiling services are often associated with landscaping tasks like paving and outdoor drainage, which means the cost of outdoor tiling is usually included in a broader outdoor project, like the creation of an entertaining area. Generally, though, the cost of tiles and the cost of tile installation doesn't change from inside to outside. You still need to buy tiles and calculate installation costs.  Pool tiling costs can be a different story, given the unique skills and experience required to complete that sort of job.

What if I need multiple tradies for a bathroom renovation project?

Installing bathroom tiles requires the same level of expertise as tiling in other areas, and in some cases, even more experience than usual. That's because bathroom tiling projects often involve drainage, waterproofing, and integration of plumbing and cabinetry. It may be that you need to factor the cost of bathroom tiling into a larger project budget. For an average-sized bathroom that's relatively easy. But larger bathrooms or more complicated smaller bathrooms can increase bathroom renovation costs. BorisDoes can help you to find all of the tradies you need for a renovation project, but it's important to understand exactly what you want to achieve before you start.

What is the best way to find an experienced tiler?

BorisDoes has a wide range of experts across a wide variety of trades, so we're confident you'll be able to find the right tradie for your job. Whether you're in Western Australia, South Australia or Queensland, we can help you find a tiling professional near you.
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