How Much Does Colorbond Roofing Cost? (Australia 2023)

May 26, 2023


As concrete, terracotta and asphalt shingle tile roof costs increase, metal roof options are returning to popularity. The "tin roof" remains an Australian icon and corrugated roofs are still commonplace in regional areas and even in Australia's capital cities.

While the days of "bare metal" roofing might be long gone, Colorbond metal roofing offers a classic Australian roofing solution that suits our weather and climate and is now competitive with other roofing prices.

Average roof installation costs have increased as labour shortages hit every construction trade and labour costs increase. But if roof replacement costs are increasing across the board, it's worth considering ditching those concrete roof tiles for a classic Colorbond roof. Roof installers are adopting Colorbond at a faster rate than ever and metal roofs are becoming popular both for new homes and for roof restorations.

Colorbond offers a solid, energy efficient roofing option in a range of contemporary colours, making it a popular choice for homes in cities and regional areas. But how much does a Colorbond roof cost per square metre? In this blog post we'll explore what Colorbond is, what it is used for, and how much it costs.

What is Colorbond?

colorbond roof

Colorbond is a well-known and popular brand of steel used in the construction industry in Australia. It is specifically designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions experienced across the country. Colorbond steel is highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and available in a wide range of attractive colours.

Colorbond is commonly used for roofing, walling, and fencing applications in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Its versatility makes it suitable for various architectural styles, from modern to traditional.

One of the key advantages of Colorbond is its ability to provide excellent thermal performance. It helps in keeping homes cool in summer and warm in winter, thereby reducing energy consumption and costs. Additionally, Colorbond is lightweight, making it easy to handle and install.

Another notable feature of Colorbond is its low maintenance requirements. The steel is designed to resist chipping, peeling, and cracking, eliminating the need for regular painting. Occasional cleaning is all that's required to maintain its appearance.

Colorbond is backed by extensive research and testing to ensure its reliability and longevity. It is manufactured in Australia by BlueScope, a trusted and reputable company known for its high-quality products.

Whether you are considering a new roof, wall cladding, or fence, Colorbond offers a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution that can enhance the overall appeal and value of your property. Its ability to withstand Australia's harsh climate conditions makes it a popular choice among homeowners and builders alike.


Is Colorbond just used for roofing?

Colorbond, a well-known steel brand in Australia, is not only used for roofing but also finds widespread application in various other construction projects.

While Colorbond is commonly associated with roofing, it is extensively used for wall cladding as well. The attractive colour options and durable properties of Colorbond steel make it an excellent choice for enhancing the visual appeal of building exteriors while providing protection against harsh weather conditions.

Colorbond is also a popular choice for fencing projects. Its strength and resistance to corrosion ensure long-lasting fences that require minimal upkeep. Colorbond fencing offers privacy, security, and a sleek appearance, making it suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Apart from roofing, wall cladding, and fencing, Colorbond steel can be used for a range of other applications. It is commonly employed for fascias, gutters, downpipes, and architectural features like awnings, pergolas, and verandas. Its versatility allows architects and builders to achieve cohesive designs by incorporating Colorbond across different aspects of a construction project.

Thanks to its durability and thermal efficiency, Colorbond steel is also a popular choice for structures like sheds, garages, carports, and even garden beds. It provides strength and protection while adding aesthetic value to these structures.

With its wide selection of colours, superior durability, and low maintenance requirements, Colorbond steel is trusted beyond just roofing applications. It is a versatile and reliable choice for various construction projects, offering both functionality and visual appeal to Australian homes and buildings.


How much does Colorbond roofing cost per m2?

The cost of Colorbond roofing per square metre can vary based on several factors, including the location, complexity of the roof design, type of Colorbond profile, and any additional features or services required. The average price range for Colorbond roofing installation in Australia is approximately $50 to $100 per square metre, including labour costs

It's important to note that this is a general estimate, and the actual cost may vary. It is recommended to obtain quotes from multiple roofing contractors or suppliers in your area to get a more accurate and up-to-date cost based on your specific requirements. Factors such as roof size, pitch, accessibility, and any additional materials or services needed can impact the overall cost.

Additionally, keep in mind that the cost of Colorbond roofing may include materials, labour, removal of old roofing (if applicable), insulation, and other associated expenses. It's advisable to discuss the details with a professional roofing contractor or supplier who can provide a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific project needs.


Price per m2

Traditional corrugated iron (steel)

$15 - $20 per m2

Powder-coated Colorbond

$20 - $25 per m2

Double-sided Colorbond

$25 - $30 per m2

Colorbond Ultra

$35+ per m2


Does a Colorbond roof add value to a home?

Yes, a Colorbond roof can add value to a home. Colorbond roofing is highly regarded for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance requirements, which are all desirable qualities for potential homebuyers.

Here are some reasons why a Colorbond roof can contribute to the value of a home:

  • Longevity and durability: Colorbond roofs are known for their longevity, with a lifespan of up to several decades. This durability is attractive to homebuyers as it reduces the need for frequent roof repairs or replacements, saving them money and hassle in the long run.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Colorbond roofs come in a wide range of attractive colours that can enhance the overall visual appeal of a home. The ability to choose from different colour options allows homeowners to match or complement the roof with their desired architectural style, increasing the curb appeal and attractiveness of the property.
  • Low maintenance requirements: Colorbond roofs require minimal maintenance compared to other roofing materials. The steel construction is resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking, and the colour is bonded to the metal, eliminating the need for regular painting. This low maintenance aspect is appealing to potential buyers who prefer hassle-free upkeep.
  • Energy efficiency: Colorbond roofs are designed to provide excellent thermal performance. They can reflect a significant amount of solar radiation, helping to keep the interior of the home cooler in hot weather. This energy efficiency feature can be attractive to environmentally conscious buyers and those looking to reduce their energy consumption and costs.

Overall, the durability, aesthetic appeal, low maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency of a Colorbond roof can positively impact the value of a home. However, it's important to consider other factors such as the overall condition of the property, location, and market conditions when assessing the potential value increase.


What is the best way to get a quote for Colorbond roofing?

Whether you're looking for a tiled roof or corrugated steel roofing from Colorbond, the best way to get a quote is through BorisDoes. Once you have a few quotes you can double-check that the average cost in your area isn't significantly higher than in a capital city and is comparable to concrete tiles or other roofing materials. To get quotes from roofing professionals, simply request one, or start a task and roofing professionals near you will contact you with estimates and quotes. Finding a professional roof installer is quick and easy with BorisDoes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Colorbond cost more or less than other roof materials?

Colorbond can actually be cheaper than tiled roofing because pre-cut sheets of Colorbond can reduce the cost per square metre. If your house has an unusual roof pitch, roof tiles can be more expensive to install, but the cost of Colorbond remains basically the same. Depending on the type of roof you have, and the type of material you would choose instead, Colorbond can be the affordable option.

What if I want a modern colour instead of a traditional corrugated iron roof?

Traditional "silver" (steel) corrugated roofs are not very common any more, and powder-coated Colorbond is by far the more popular option. Colorbond comes in a range of colours, including the ever-popular Monument (we published a blog recently about Monument and its many uses).

What about flat roofs?

Colorbond is designed to be installed in "roofing sheets" - large sections of Colorbond steel that is attached to the frame of your roof. Colorbond does make roof sheets for other applications, including flat roofs, but you should discuss your options with a roofing expert before settling on a particular type of roofing material.

Is labour for Colorbond installation expensive?

It can be, but it generally isn't any more expensive than labour costs associated with other types of roofing material. Metal roofing sheets are relatively easy to install compared to tiles and other materials. There are steel roof specialists in the industry so it can be worth asking for quotes from different roofing companies to review hourly rates and other costs. Roofing specialists can give you a good idea of the cost of installation based on your area, your home's specifications, and any additional costs.

Is Colorbond easy to maintain?

Yes, very. Roof maintenance is quite easy with a Colorbond roof. Most roof cleaning services know how to clean a Colorbond roof quickly and easily so there shouldn't be any hidden costs. Down the track, roof painting is relatively easy with Colorbond, but you shouldn't have to worry about that for many years. Minor roof repairs are also relatively easy with Colorbond, as they are with other metal roofing materials.


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