How much does it cost to reupholster a couch? [2023]

January 30, 2023

If you have a favourite couch or lounge, you might think about reupholstering it rather than replacing it. That means replacing the fabric and repairing structural elements of your existing couch rather than simply buying a new piece of furniture. Upholstery work can be done by a professional or you might try to do it yourself. Either way, there are a few factors to consider when deciding whether to reupholster a couch or buy new, and then whether you'll hire an expert or DIY.

In this post we'll break down some of the cost factors associated with couch reupholstery so you can make an informed decision.

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Buy new or renew?

The first question you need to answer is - do I renew the lounge I have or buy a brand-new sofa instead? If the couch you have is relatively modern and is a design that can easily be replaced by something in your local furniture store, it may not be worthwhile. The cost of reupholstering your couch might actually exceed what it would cost to buy - for example - a brand-new leather sofa.

If you have a classic leather couch, a genuine piece of antique furniture, or a statement piece that happens to have a few signs of wear and tear, you might have the perfect furniture item for a sofa reupholstery project. Depending on the type of couch you have, your upholstery project might involve removal of fabric from your current sofa, frame repairs, construction of seat cushions, and the application of brand-new fabric.


DIY or upholstery professional?

diy or professional


Once you've decided the benefits of reupholstering your couch outweigh buying a new one, it's time to decide if you want to complete your reupholstering job yourself, or you want some expert help with the whole reupholstering process. The biggest factors to consider are access to materials, geographic location and the availability of local experts, whether you favour a sustainable approach, and any additional services you might need in either case.

If you choose to DIY, you can use YouTube videos and other online resources to learn the skills you need to give it a crack yourself. Some of our favourite tips include:

  • Using outdoor cushions (cushions from outdoor furniture) with the upholstery fabric of your choice for firm, long-lasting cushions.
  • Finding an antique fabric to reupholster your antique couch. You can often buy whole rolls of antique fabric which can make the finished product more authentic.
  • Using faux leather which is easier to clean, cheaper per metre, and provides a similar look to real leather.

If you decide to bring in an expert (or take your couch to a professional), finding a bespoke reupholstery service is relatively easy. is a great place to find specialist service providers near you. You can start a task, request a quote, or use the BorisDoes Tasker List to find the furniture reupholstery service provider that's perfect for your upholstery job.


So what's the cost of couch reupholstering?

The specific cost to reupholster a couch or lounge depends on the style of couch you have, your choice of fabric, the quantity of fabric required, labour costs, fabric costs, choice of couch cushion material, and the design of your couch (chaise lounge, etc). Of these, the most consistently relevant are your fabric choice and your choice of repairer.

The following are indicative or average costs, based on advice from BorisDoes specialists and experts:


Cost range

Occasional chair or arm chair

Between $200 and $700

Rocking chair (including repairs)

Between $600 and $1400

Single cushion

Between $80 and $250

3-seater couch (including frame and spring repairs and reupholstery)

Between $1200 and $2000

Dining room chair (per chair)

Between $80 and $200



These are indicative cost estimates based on a decision to hire a professional who can reupholster different types of furniture and who has different fabric types to choose from. Depending on the type of fabric you choose, your approach to furniture preservation, and any additional costs you can avoid, choosing to DIY might allow you to reduce these costs considerably.

There are a number of factors that can increase the cost including the need to repair hardwood frames, the need for seat spring replacement, whether or not your piece of furniture is an antique sofa or couch, and whether you choose natural fabrics or synthetic fabrics. Each of these can increase the cost of your project beyond the typical cost you might be expecting.


What's next?



Reupholstering your own pieces of furniture can be a fun and challenging project whether you tackle a 3-seater sofa or a couple of loose cushions. You can reupholster a family heirloom or refresh a piece of modern furniture.

But if your couch is in bad shape, has a broken frame, or has bad wear and tear that presents too big a challenge, find a professional in your price range to give your furniture a new lease on life. BorisDoes has experts across a wide range of services, including furniture reupholstery and we're sure you'll be able to find the expert you need, near you. Simply start a task or request a quote to get your couch reupholstered today.


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