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September 16, 2022

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You might be familiar with from their advertising and catchy jingle, and you might have used their comparison services to pick a health insurance provider, competitive electricity rates, or a mobile phone provider. But has evolved and now offers investment opportunities, digital currency exchange, real estate investment products, and a range of credit products. Their latest product and service line delves into the crypto sector with advice about specialised crypto trading tools and crypto wallets. is a free, Australian-owned service. Finder likes to say that they help you make "everyday life decisions".

So how does work?

Some background... started as a comparison site, helping customers to choose the best value credit cards, home loans, health insurance, life insurance, high-interest savings accounts, electricity and gas, and mobile phone plans. The features of each product or service would be described in detail, along with easy-to-compare price points. And still does all those things and can be a great place to start your search for a new service. Whether you're after an electricity plan,  mobile broadband, or a new financial institution, is still a great place to go for comparison services.

What sort of credit services does Finder provide?

how does finder works has published comparisons of credit and loan products for some time, and has developed a reputation for detailed and up-to-date information that helps customers make financial decisions. Their credit card reviews have launched discussions around credit cards and other personal credit products, and have helped thousands of people make decisions about the products that are right for them. But Finder has since expanded its product and service offerings and includes deep-dives into the process of getting credit.

From initial credit enquiries, to getting access to your credit file or credit score from a credit bureau, to dealing with credit reporting bodies. has advice for accessing your credit history so that you can make informed decisions about credit products. They also have advice about managing credit card debt, defining your credit limit, and borrowing costs. If you're thinking of taking out a home loan, personal loan, or credit card, is a great place to start.

How can I make money on

There are, of course, a range of traditional ways to make money using the advice and guidance provided by Most commonly these take the form of investment options - longer-term investments, term deposits, investment funds, superannuation funds. Finder has a strong track record when it comes to investment comparisons that can help you to find the right products with competitive rates of interest or appealing investment strategies.

But now offers a range of other income-earning opportunities including online cryptocurrency and share trading. With Finder, you can - believe it or not - find the right trading platform for you, with all of the features you're looking for.

How do Finder's crypto services work?

Finder has compared a wide range of crypto blockchain services so that you can choose a platform with the functionality you need to trade your digital currency of choice. Finder also provides an online, real-time crypto chart so that you can track the daily price of your crypto purchases while comparing different crypto products.

For beginners and those wanting to know more about cryptocurrency before they take the plunge, there are a range of introductory articles, reviews of products like crypto wallets, break-downs of different digital currencies and their strengths and weaknesses, and answers to popular questions. While you might have started your enquiries right here on, has gathered a wide range of information over a long period of time and has made it available all in one place.

What about currency exchange?

In addition to advice about stock market trading and bank account products, now provides advice about the best ways to get into foreign currency trading and managing currency market investments. As more and more mum-and-dad investors look at previously inaccessible investment opportunities, Finder is ready with advice and guidance about the best platforms and products to use. Whether you're trying to understand FOREX trading costs or the things that influence the value of the Australian Dollar, is a great place to start. is well aware of the latest major trends and they know what investors are interested in knowing before they start.


Where once was simply a comparison website with useful information about a range of different products, they have now expanded to include a range of other services and opportunities. If it has been a while since you checked out their site, you might be surprised to see how their list of services has grown. From crypto wallets for digital currencies to real estate investment opportunities, is a great resource for Australian consumers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How did become famous?

Finder started as a comparison service. It was a great place to go if you were trying to decide which debit card or credit card, and it compared cards by bank or credit union, fees, interest rate, and additional extras like loyalty programs. It also compared energy providers, allowing visitors to compare rates for different services depending on their electricity usage or gas usage. Later they added other financial and personal services like life insurance, travel insurance and income protection insurance.

Do I need to be an Australian citizen to use

No. Anyone, anywhere in the world can access However, all of the products compared on Finder are available to Australian residents and products that are not available in Australia are generally not reviewed and compared. There are plenty of reasons why visitors to Australia might want to use, like finding a great international telephone service provider to contact family back home, or to find travel insurance, health insurance, or international bank transfer services. In fact visitors with a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS Visa) - or other visitor visa holders - can benefit the most from up-to-date information about products from institutions they aren't familiar with.

How does make money?

Finder has relationships with a range of partner sites and earns referral fees for some services. They have been recognised for their impartiality, though, and have played a major role in high-level discussion around credit cards, broadband markets, and other products. Their comprehensive assessments are trusted by Australian consumers and many consumers find their comparison content helpful.

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