What colour is Monument?

February 15, 2023


Monument is a well-known Colorbond colour and is described as a deep, dark-charcoal colour or "almost black". It is typically used for Colorbond roofs, garage doors, and fences, offset by white rendered walls or natural dark timber colours. Inspired by the volcanic rock formations of Australia's Southern Coastline, Monument's dark grey tones suit a wide range of contemporary designs.

If you've visited a coastal area of Australia recently, you'll likely be familiar with the popular Monument colour and have seen it in a range of design contexts. The darker colour values makes it easy to match with other colours and means Monument is a perfect supporting colour for a wide range of colour schemes.

The name "Monument" follows a similar naming convention to the other colour names in the Colorbond range. So, here's a bit about Colorbond's Monument colour:


What are the benefits of Colorbond?

Colorbond is sheet steel with a baked-on finish. That finish type means Colorbond is durable and resists peeling, cracking, and chipping. Colorbond is also weather-tight, termite-resistant, non-combustible, and secure. With it's hard-wearing finish, Colorbond has been described as being perfectly suited to the harsh Australian climate.

Colorbond steel products from BlueScope include roofing, guttering and fascia components, garage doors, wall products, fencing, sheds, patios, pergolas and water tanks. That means Colorbond products can be integrated into almost any new building design, and in some cases Colorbond products can be used extensively to bring a design together.

Colorbond is a thoroughly modern building material, which still provides that classic finish that Australians grew up with. It's no wonder Colorbond has become ubiquitous in the Australian construction industry where it is among the top choices for contemporary home design.


Why Monument?

The combination of Colorbond's durability and Monument's flexibility make it an ideal colour choice for a wide range of applications. It's a great option for use as a base colour in a colour scheme that includes bright colours or light colours.

Modern homes can benefit from the flexibility and adaptability that Monument provides, and Monument coloured steel elements fit perfectly into Australian landscapes. Monument also suits recent trends in outdoor furniture design, which means it's a great option for fencing that will frame backyard landscaping.

Like other darker Colorbond colours, Monument has strong solar absorptance values. Though that means your Monument roof will absorb more light and heat than other colours or finishes, it will also reflect very little light so is great for densely populated neighbourhoods with nearby neighbours. For more information, review the data and information in the relevant BlueScope Technical Bulletin.


What are some other Colorbond colour options?

If you're after something a little bit different, Colorbond has a wide range of colours to suit different colour schemes and styles. Deep Ocean is a great colour with more blue hues that can be used to offset traditional maritime themes and colour schemes with blue undertones. Shale Grey is a much lighter shade of grey that works well with dark features that some have compared to the colour of mist. If you're after a more neutral colour tone, Basalt, Wallaby or Jasper are all good options.

deep ocean & shale graybasalt, wallaby, jasper

If you need a light colour to offset some darker tones, colours like Surfmist or Paperbark might be good options. Whatever your colour palette, Colorbond has an option to suit you. And if you need assistance with your colour selection, BorisDoes can help you find a great colour consultant. With the help of colour visualisation tools, a great colour consultant can help you pick the right contemporary Colorbond colour for you.

surfmist & paperbark

Picking the right exterior colours, fencing colour or roofing colour can make a huge difference to the final look and feel of your home. Whether you want a dramatic colour for your roof or an exciting colour for your garage door, BorisDoes can help you get the result you want.


Time to incorporate Monument into your design?

Using Colourbond Monument in your design is easy. You can request a Monument Colour Swatch or Colour Chart directly from Colorbond, or request an actual sample from a supplier.

From there, BorisDoes can help you find a professional to install Colorbond Monument elements at your property. Whether you need an expert roofer to install Colorbond roofing or a handyman or fencing expert to install Colorbond fencing, BorisDoes can help you find the professional you need.



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