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When it comes to roofing, BorisDoes has everything you need. From roof installations to roof replacements and everything in between. Find the perfect roofing contractor for your job right here, with the help of BorisDoes. Qualified and experienced roofing tradies near you, when you need them. Check out our comprehensive range of roofing services.

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Hire trusted local roofers with BorisDoes

If you're looking for a local roofer with extensive experience across all aspects of roofing, start your search right here on BorisDoes. We've gathered roofers from around Australia and given them the tools they need to offer their services right here. That means we're confident you'll find the service providers you're looking for from your local area. BorisDoes roofing Taskers and Businesses provide a wide range of services, from roof repairs, roof restoration and roof painting to roof installation and complete roof replacement. Australia's sometimes extreme weather puts more strain on roofs and it's important to be confident that your roof can handle all weather conditions. From asphalt shingles that can handle hot weather, to ceramic tiles designed to handle wind and rain.Whatever you're looking for, BorisDoes can help you. Simply start a task or request a quote to get in touch with local roofers who can provide you with the services you need.Your text

Get top-notch roof repair with BorisDoes roofers

Unfortunately, roofing isn't set-and-forget. Both concrete tile roofing and metal roofing last 10-20 years, or more, but they do need to be replaced eventually. In the meantime, undertaking ongoing roof repairs mean that your roof will last longer. Fixing a leaky roof or other roofing issues is quick and easy with BorisDoes. Whether you're on the Gold Coast of Queensland or the Central Coast of New South Wales, finding a local roofer to complete roofing repairs is as simple as starting a task or requesting a quote. Then simply provide some details about the roofing repairs you need and professionals near you can contact you with quotes and estimates.Staying on top of minor damage, roof leaks, minor tiled and metal roof repairs and other common issues can increase the longevity of your roof. And many Taskers and Businesses can achieve amazing results in environmentally friendly ways. The large number of new roof tile recycling businesses mean professional roofers can also match and source roof tiles, allowing you to replace a handful of tiles with minimal waste and at a more reasonable cost.

Roof cleaning made easy

If your roof is in good condition and doesn't need replacing, keep it that way with regular maintenance and cleaning. Roof cleaning is available from roofing professionals, cleaners, and handyman services providers.Services include pressure-washing of roof tiling and other roof types, minor roofing repairs (crack sealing and filling, etc), application of rust-resistant coatings for metal roofing, and other cleaning ahead of roof restoration works. Some repair work cannot be completed until a roof is cleaned, so that is often the first step of a roof restoration or repair project. Gutter cleaning - which also falls into the roof cleaning category - is a must-do cleaning task to prevent gutters from rusting and collapsing. That includes the cleaning of leaf guards and inspections to ensure gutter guard devices are in place and in working order.

Excellence in commercial roofing

If you're looking for commercial roofing services for your commercial building or business, BorisDoes can help you find what you're looking for. BorisDoes is all about connecting Taskers and Businesses to Customers, but those Customers include other Businesses. If you need to close your business every time it rains, or put out unprofessional wet area buckets and signs at the first sign of inclement weather, consider getting your roof repaired or replaced. If you've set aside money in your business budget for a roofing project, start a task or request a quote to find the professional roofer you need.

Professional roof installation for any construction project

If you have a roof construction project or you are currently renovating your home and you need a roofing tradie, look no further. The building industry relies on roofing contractors to complete housing projects and with BorisDoes you can now hire those tradies directly. Whether you want something traditional like a tiled roof or Colorbond roofing, or your plan is for something more unusual like a flat roof or a louvered roof system, we can help you find the right tradie for you job. And if you plan to transform your roof as part of a renovation - moving from a tile to metal roof, for example - we can help you find an expert to project-manage the conversion.BorisDoes roofing Taskers and Businesses have experience with all sorts of roofing including Dutch roofs, gable roofs, mansard roofs, curved roofs, and modern high-tech roofing. Skilled roofers usually have experience across a wide range of roofing types and can give you advice and guidance about the best type of roofing for your project.

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Do you know what's really simple? Creating tasks on BorisDoes! Find some tips on how to create tasks quickly and easily in the video below!

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Creating a task on BorisDoes is quick, easy and free; you'll wonder why you never tried it before! Adding a task takes just seconds which gives you the ability to create tasks the moment they cross your mind. You can add a title, specify a date, time, and location, and set the date when the task is due. If you don’t know how much to pay for a service, you can also request a quote - a new BorisDoes feature - which allows Taskers and Businesses to offer prices and services in response to your task! And don’t forget: you can create as many tasks, and request as many quotes, as you like!

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What about the removal of an existing roof?

Removing your existing roof can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially if the project is complicated by an existing asbestos roof. It's important to find a demolition expert who can help you remove any existing roofing structure so that it can be replaced with new and quality roofing. That sometimes means you'll need one expert for the removal of your old roof, and another expert for the installation of your new roof. But have a chat to your chosen Tasker or Business about what they can do.

Can I get Colorbond metal roofing?

Absolutely. Colorbond steel roofing is a popular choice. Made by iconic Australian company Bluescope Steel (formerly BHP) and sold around Australia by a wide range of steel suppliers, Colorbond is a popular choice. Gone are the days of plain-steel corrugated iron; Colorbond comes in a range of colours to suit your home's style.

Can I book other services through BorisDoes?

Of course! BorisDoes has roofing Taskers and Businesses for roof installations and repairs, but we also have plumbers, electricians, cleaners, removalists and other service providers. In addition to roof plumbing, our licensed plumbers provide services across domestic plumbing maintenance, commercial plumbing maintenance, domestic emergency plumbing, hot water heater installation and repair, and the clearance of storm water blockages. Whatever you need, BorisDoes can help you.

Can I hire a team of tradies through BorisDoes?

Yes. You can either hire a different individual Taskers for a range of different jobs, or you can hire a Business with an experienced team who can provide comprehensive roofing solutions.

What about insulation for my roof?

BorisDoes has a number of insulation contractors who can work with your licensed roofer to complete a project for you, or you can get your roofer to provide a quote that includes insulation. Bradford Insulation remains a popular product but any insulation specialist with considerable experience can give you advice about the brands and products to choose.

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