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If you have chosen art as a HSC, QCE, VCE or WACE subject, or you are studying visual art or fine arts at university, art tutoring can really help with the practical and theory components of your course and can help you to achieve top marks. Find a great art tutor near you with BorisDoes!

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Art tutors come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some have worked in high schools as an art teacher, or in private colleges as art history teachers. Some have been professional tutors for decades, either as arts tutors at a university or as private tutors supporting high school and university students. Some might be an experienced art student offering art tutoring based on their own experience as an arts student at university, and others have experience teaching adults at TAFE or through private art lessons. Your tutor might even be a professional artist with their own established art career. Regardless of your tutor's experience, it is important they understand the curriculum of your course. From the 1st lesson your art tutor should understand what you need to achieve success during your art education at school or at university. Work with them to establish a lesson plan so that you can work through key concepts during tutoring sessions. They will make sure they have a good grasp of the subject matter and will provide guidance and advice about both practical and theory components of your coursework. Find a great art tutor is simple; start a task or request a quote, provide some details, and tutors near you can provide you with quotes and details of their services. We're confident you'll find the perfect tutor for you.Parents: Is your child studying art at school or university? Perhaps they need help preparing for art theory exams or help with their major work. School students studying art can benefit from the support of a tutor who understands the curriculum and can provide guidance and advice at each step of the process.

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I want to establish an art career as a professional artist. Can an art tutor help?

Yes, an art tutor will help you to achieve success at high school or university, ensuring you have a good grounding across a variety of fields and artistic mediums. A quality education can help you to understand all of the basics you need to become a great visual artist and learning those things from an artistic tutoring professional is a great start. Check out the BorisDoes Tasker List and have a look at some of the tutor profiles there to find the one that's right for you.

Is all art tutoring in person?

It usually is, but it doesn't have to be. You might be able to find a great online art teacher, who delivers online lessons via webcam. Of course, if your focus is on acrylic painting or sculpture, it might be helpful to find someone who can occasionally conduct an in-person assessment of student work in the same way a HSC marker will. Have a chat to your art tutoring Tasker about the way they normally deliver their tutoring services.

Are there art tutors to help with different art styles?

Absolutely. Just like art students work with a wide variety of mediums, art tutors will often specialise in delivering tutoring focused on a particular style of art. That might be a traditional form of art like painting or sculpture, or it might be a modern form of art like digital media. Most art tutors will be familiar with a variety of communications processes and can teach anything from basic skills to complex methods for advanced students.

What about other careers in art?

Working in the art space isn't just about creating art. Most major art galleries have gallery educators, some artists run an art studio where people can collaborate on art together, some artists teach art history or work as an art teacher offering leading-edge educational programs. And some become tutors and offer their own art tuition services. Whatever your chosen career path in the arts, art tutoring is a great place to start.

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