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Guitar tutors near me

Want to learn how to play the guitar? Acoustic guitar? Electric guitar? Find a great guitar teacher near you who can provide you with lessons, teach you the basics, and start you on your guitar playing journey. BorisDoes has great guitar teachers ready to help you

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If you want to learn to play the guitar, the best place to start is with a beginner guitar lesson. If you're a complete beginner you'll need someone who can show you the basics like beginner songs, beginner chords and basic chords, and give you advice and guidance about beginner guitar gear essentials (there's a wide range of options). Private guitar lessons allow you to learn at your own pace and learn about a range of techniques and musical components including bar chords, power chords, chord progression, minor chords, minor scales, song structure, and scale patterns. You can learn guitar to play a range of musical styles including classical guitar, classic rock, acoustic blues, rhythm guitar, or a style that allows you to write and perform original songs. Guitar teachers can give you advice about the best guitar brands, teach you music theory, and give you instruction specific to your favourite type of guitar; there really are a wide range of things a guitar teacher can teach you. The types of guitar available means that there are different teachers who focus on different things. Some might focus on classical music while others might provide rock guitar lessons. It's important to be clear about the sort of lessons you want; do that and you're sure to find a great guitar teacher in no time. The best way to start guitar lessons is by finding a great guitar teaching Tasker or Business right here on BorisDoes. You can start a task or request a quote, in the same way as you would for any other service. Otherwise, check out the BorisDoes Tasker List and have a look at the selection of guitar teachers we have in your local area. We're confident you'll find the right guitar teacher near you. Learning guitar is easy with the help of BorisDoes! Looking for something else? BorisDoes has expert teachers and tutors across a range of primary school and high school subjects. From support for students undertaking high school music programs, to super tutors for Maths, English, Science and History. Private tuition is a great way to achieve academic success and the best tutors near you are right here on BorisDoes.

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Do my guitar lessons need to be in person?

No. Our guitar teachers tell us that in-person lessons can be a more effective way to demonstrate technique. But restrictions mean that many guitar teachers can deliver an online guitar lesson as effectively as an in-person lesson. An online lesson is a great place to start and many guitar students find it easy to learn in their own space before they start private lessons. Have a chat with your guitar teaching Tasker about the sorts of lessons they can provide and whether they have an online guitar lesson option.

What should I look for in a guitar teacher?

Guitar teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds. They might be a former professional musician with professional musical experience, or they might be a high school or primary school music teacher with professional teaching experience. Most have been guitar players for many years and being an experienced guitarist has encouraged them to share their skills with others. Whatever the background of your guitar teacher, it's important they have the guitar skill level to help beginner and intermediate players progress to advanced levels.

What sort of guitar should I pick?

Traditional electric guitar playing is different from acoustic guitar, and is even different to other types of electric guitar like the bass guitar. Classical guitar is different again and being a classical guitarist requires different skills. A lot will depend on whether you want to be a professional guitarist and find your place in the music industry, or you just want to play guitar for fun. Before you start, you can have a chat to a BorisDoes guitar teaching Tasker about the sorts of basic guitar lessons they provide and the ways they might be able to help you decide which is the right guitar style for you.

Do I need my own guitar and guitar accessories?

Generally, yes. For the first few lessons you can probably get away with borrowing a guitar, and most guitar teachers have a spare or two that you can use to learn the basics. But after a few weekly lessons it's probably a good idea to get your own guitar, guitar strap, and case and if you're learning electric guitar you'll have to go looking at beginner guitar amps. As any experienced guitarist will tell you, practice makes perfect, and having your own gear means having your own practice time. If you want to learn all aspects of guitar playing, having your own guitar is the way to go.

What about guitar lessons for kids?

If you're a parent and you want to find a private teacher to help your child, you're in the right place. Children are fast learners but they need support and guidance from the very 1st lesson. One-on-one lessons from a private tutor can help to teach them the basics and then transition them to more challenging ideas like different styles of music. From beginner lessons to support for advanced players, BorisDoes music tutors can support your child along their musical journey. Have a chat with a BorisDoes tutor about electric or acoustic guitar lessons for your child today.

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