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Need a tutor for HSC, QCE, VCE or WACE maths, primary school, or university-level Maths Methods, Physics, Statistics or Engineering? Whether you're preparing for HSC Mathematics Advanced, Extension Maths, or HSC Mathematics Extension II, BorisDoes can help find the maths tutor that's right for you.

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For many students, maths is difficult. Whether it's advanced maths or extension maths in high school, or university level mathematics like statistics with advanced mathematical concepts. Some people are naturally good at maths. They see numbers in a different way and can solve all sorts of equations with ease. Often, those people become maths teachers, or work with maths in their daily lives (like engineers and statisticians). For that reason, maths tutors come from a range of backgrounds; almost as varied as the sorts of people who can benefit from maths tutoring. Maybe you're doing maths as a HSC subject, or you need to do maths at a minimum level to get into your chosen university course. Maybe you're at university already and need to do statistics for your commerce degree, or accounting for your business degree. Do not fear, BorisDoes maths tutors are here! A good maths tutor can teach you about a wide range of maths concepts and you'll often have the choice between a private tutor in person, or online tuition in the form of online lessons. BorisDoes has gathered experienced tutors from around Australia and they are now available on the BorisDoes Tasker List. We're sure you'll find the right maths tutoring Tasker or Business in your area. Otherwise, start a task or request a quote and let professional mathematics tutors contact you with quotes and an idea of how they work with their maths students.Parents: need a maths tutor for your high school or primary school student? Private tutoring provides support for classroom learning and reinforces key concepts from coursework in a one-on-one environment. It can also help with exam preparation and help students prepare for specific maths exams like the HSC and HSC trials.

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What sort of maths tutor should I look for?

Maths tutors come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a variety of experience and qualifications. Finding the right one for you is usually a matter of making sure that they have experience in the sort of maths you are studying. A university student will likely understand primary school and high school maths and might be a good option if you're studying maths for your HSC, QCE, VCE or WACE. Some tutors have experience as private teachers in other contexts, and some are qualified teachers with extensive teaching experience. On BorisDoes, qualified tutors have badges and other profile features so that you know what sort of experience they have.

Is maths tutoring just for high school students?

Not at all. While HSC Mathematics and HSC Mathematics Extension involve maths methods that students might need assistance with, maths tutoring can also help primary students, university students, and International Baccalaureate students. Developing maths skills is universally important and maths tuition is designed to help a wide range of students complete a variety of courses and achieve top marks. At university level, math and engineering go hand-in-hand and developing mathematics skills is critically important to achieving top marks in engineering. If you're a university maths student, check out the BorisDoes Tasker List to find a tutor with extensive experience supporting university-level teaching and learning.

I don't enjoy maths classes,  how will I go with private maths lessons?

Private lessons are very different to spending time in a classroom. From your very 1st lesson, you tutor will try to establish what does and doesn't work for your individual learning style. You can be an incredible student but if your high school maths teacher is catering to a different learning style, you might still struggle. Many tutors have experience in teaching and so they know what it is like to cater for the different learning styles of 25 students. They will work with you to find a style that works so that you can develop an understanding of concepts in maths, and a range of maths methods.

I understand maths but I struggle with exams. What can I do?

Preparing for maths exams is similar to preparing for other exams. Exam prep means understanding the key concepts being assessed, and the maths methods used to test those concepts. BorisDoes can help you find a maths exam expert who can help you prepare for a wide range of things so you can be confident going into any exam, regardless of what is in the exam papers.

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