The Faces Behind Our Success​

Welcome to BorisDoes’ dream team - here are the people behind the platform you love!

BorisDoes is not just a platform

BorisDoes is not just a platform. It’s a whole family that unites people from every corner of the world. We don’t have customer service – we have friends who are ready to help you any minute you need it.
As it should be, every family has its head. In our case, it is BorisDoes Dream Team that works every day to make for you the best product in your life. BorisDoes has gathered the best marketers, managers, designers, copywriters and other specialists to make the product as simple and easy to use as possible. We believe that getting any service and earning money both online and offline should be an easy and fast process, so our real dream team is doing everything we can for it to be like this. How to gather a high-performing team? How to maintain team spirit? How to work well in a team day by day? And the main question is: how do you make BorisDoes successful? The answer to these and other questions can be found on this page. Enjoy!

BorisDoes team

Your success. Our mission.

We believe in hard work and dedication

BorisDoes dream team works every day to improve the platform for you. We never stop and look for new solutions every hour. Skype meetings, online discussions, fresh ideas, and their implementation – this is what our days are made of.

What motivates the BorisDoes team is your support, so the more registrations and tasks we see – the more motivated we are.
We appreciate the fact that we help people by giving them an opportunity to solve their everyday problems and make their life easier. BorisDoes is not going to pretend to be a platform that would turn the real world upside down and make the universe different, but we hope to connect people from different corners of one city, country, or even the whole world to help each other.
The distance doesn’t matter. What is really valuable are your skills and perseverance.

One team - one dream

BorisDoes team works and develops the platform every day for you to have the best experience possible. We care for every customer, tasker, tradie, professional, and it’s extremely important for us that you get improvements daily. Developing BorisDoes is a continuous process. For example, you can’t imagine a day without walking your favorite dog, cooking food, or even taking a selfie – the same way we can’t imagine a day without improving.

We love to analyze

As it’s widely believed, every successful business follows statistics closely. So do BorisDoes: we’re always ready to make changes to our plans and be even more flexible than we are now. Our team is sure that these are critical success factors, and the main goal of the BorisDoes team is a useful and internationally recognized product of high quality you will appreciate. BorisDoes team does everything to meet the requirements of every tasker. We understand that they may be different from people living in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and any other city of Australia. Because of that, one of our goals is to create a product which will be suitable for any people with any needs

Everything is structured

Structurization matters, especially in website development. BorisDoes team never forgets it for a minute. Every day we have Skype sessions, online discussions, disputes about what to do next – and this is our normal everyday life.  Every member of our team contributes new suggestions and ideas and they are discussed thoroughly. Nothing is ignored – even what seems to be the dullest idea may appear to be a key to great successes< at the end.  After every discussion, BorisDoes’ team adds a new idea to be implemented to the plan and when it’s time, we do everything to include it into the big wheel names BorisDoes as soon as it’s possible. The main thing - no fast decisions. They’re more harmful rather than useful ones.

We Keep It Simple

BorisDoes is supposed to make life easier, not more complicated. BorisDoes team believes that simplicity is the basis for success. One of our goals is to make the platform feature-rich and simple at the same time. Life is already hard, why make it even harder?  Need food delivery, house cleaning, or even fence installation to be done quickly? Find your simple place on BorisDoes and create a task in a few clicks!  A question from our tasker: how do you ensure you work well in a team? BorisDoes gathers people who not only have an ability to work in a team – they feel and read each other’s thoughts. It’s something like synchronization: we developed our team work skills to such an extent that there are situations, when a team member just thinks about something, and another one has already done it. Yeah, it’s really cool.  As for other important team work skills, BorisDoes really appreciates soft skills and reliability. These are top skills for us. We believe that a person can be taught hard skills, but if they lack soft ones – it would have an influence nit only on the working relationship, but also on the whole product.

Do you want to grow with us?

Join us, and let’s do it together!