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How much is pet insurance?

Pets are like our smaller siblings: they are always with us and support us in our hour of need. However, sometimes having a pet can be quite expensive: for example, your favourite dog’s or cat’s keeping may cost from $2,500 to $7,000! \nTo help with these costs, many Australians turn to pet insurance. This is because pet insurance helps to cover not only the costs that may be planned but also those that may be unexpected - for example, operations. \nThe cost of pet insurance can vary depending on the animal and insurance plan. For example, you will have to pay about $300 for dog insurance while for cat insurance - $250 per year. \nYou can choose whether you want to make insurance payments every two weeks or once a month - so you can plan your financial expenses for the next month. \nYou can also choose how extensive you want the insurance to be. For example, you can choose the basic insurance or a package that lists certain diseases and routines such as visits to the vet, all necessary vaccinations, etc. However, you should remember that there may be additional costs that your basic plan may not cover. \nAlso, it is very important to pay attention to the point in the insurance that says about your pet’s age. Many insurance companies try to avoid covering costs for old pets, so before you take out insurance, take a careful look at the matter and find out conditions related to your pet’s age. 

How much is pet transport?

Sometimes you can’t take your pet on vacation and need to transport them to a relative’s house. If you need to take your pet with you, pet transport will help you to get your pet to the destination safely and securely. Typically, pet transport prices depend on: \n1. Distances to transport your pet; \n2. Available places (usually people book such services for their pets in 1 or 2 weeks in advance); \n3. The size of your pet; \n4. Number of animals to transport; \n5. The number of animals that will be transported in the cage (the cage is one of the safest forms of animal transport); \n6. Last minute or urgent after-hours bookings; \n7. Additional services and other requests from the owners themselves. \nIn terms of cost, it can vary from $150 (for short-distance transport of small animals) to $1,500 or more (for long-distance transport of large animals). International transport is more expensive (prices can also vary). 

How much does it cost to install a doggy door?

On the one hand, a doggy door may seem easy to install. However, it’s important to consider the type of one hand, and it’s only for wooden doors. And what if you have a door made of other material? That’s right: you need to get help from a professional who knows what to do not to damage the door in the process! \nBut how much does it cost to help? Let’s find out. \nDoggy doors vary in price ranges: the cheapest will cost you $15, and the most expensive can cost up to $400. \nWhat it depends on: \n1. Doggy door size; \n2. The material it’s made of. \nYou can also buy a microchip doggy door. This is the type of door that will allow only your animals to enter the house and no other (if your animals were microchipped). A microchip is like a key to your house for your pet. \nBesides the fact that you will need to purchase a doggy door, you will have to pay for its installation. The installation price is on average $150, but a tradie may charge extra fees (for example, if they need to buy extra material). The installation price depends on: \n1. Tradie experience; \n2. Whether a tradie can also train your dog to use a doggy door; \n3. If a tradie should travel a long distance to you. \nAlso, note if a tradie has insurance because if an accident happens, the insurance can cover all unforeseen expenses. \nThus, in addition to buying a doggy door, you have to consider the price for its installation. So the cheapest option is 165 dollars, and the most expensive one is 550 dollars. 

What to feed pet rabbits?

We all know that besides cats and dogs, it is very common also to have rabbits as pets. Pet rabbits require special care, and in this section we will talk about what to feed pet rabbits. \nIt depends on the age of the rabbit. For example: \n1. For the first two weeks, pet rabbits should stay close to Mom and drink Mom rabbit’s milk. In this case, the Mom rabbit’s diet also needs to be paid attention to: she needs to be fed more than usual, and she needs to be given all the vitamins and minerals needed. \n2. By the time pet rabbits reach 20 days old, they can eat fresh hay, dry feed, and drink clean water. However, it is still necessary to keep them near the Mom rabbit. \n3. When rabbits are one month old, they can be converted to solid food: dry feed, fresh hay, grass, various mixes. However, because rabbits are taken away from their mothers, they can be stressed. That’s why they need a lot of attention. \n4. At two months, rabbits can be fed dry food, fresh hay, grass, bran. It should be noted that there should be a complete separation from a Mom rabbit at this age. Fresh vegetables can also be given. This food is not recommended for small pet rabbits whose age is less than 20 days. Also, rabbits need to have regular access to clean water. \nAttention! Pet rabbits are not allowed to eat from your table: biscuits, sweets, baked confection, spicy and greasy food cannot be given to adults or youngsters. This may harm their digestion and overall health. Waste from fruits, vegetables, rotten fruit, tomatoes, poisonous plants, wet grass, mushrooms should not be given to your rabbits. If you have any questions or concerns about how to care for your pet rabbit, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a vet or animal professional. 

How to become a pet sitter?

For those who love animals, becoming a pet sitter is a dream profession. Yet you need certain skills to become one. \nThe first thing is to love animals. You know that without the love of your work, you are unlikely to succeed, but if you already love animals and are ready to look after them properly, you’re off to a good start ;) \nThe second thing you need is proper knowledge of how to take care of pets. It is necessary to have such skills as first aid and CPR for pets, oral and injected medication administration, training skills, etc. \nNext, make sure you’re a responsible person. Being responsible for someone or something is a big challenge. Consider whether you’re ready for the responsibility. \nIt’s also important to have good communication skils. This will help you connect with your four-legged and their owner. 

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