Business account

Wondering about benefits for businesses? BorisDoes works hard to provide plenty of great features to help businesses grow. You have the choice between upgrading your individual account to a business one or create a specialised account for your business. A business account allows you to act as both a customer and a tasker, fully display your name in your profile, and get a prioritised position in the Taskers list. Whenever a customer visits the list, your business will be one of the first names displayed there!

What is a Business account?

A BorisDoes Business account is an account formatted so that you can complete work for Customers as a Business, using your registered business name, and using your ABN. Using your ASIC-registered company name, rather than your individual name, means you can develop your brand, increase brand awareness, and tie your work on BorisDoes to other work your Business does. You can also link to your BorisDoes Business profile from your company website which means Customers can quickly and easily book you for tasks with a few clicks.

How do I get a Business account?

It’s easy to sign up for a Business account, or you can easily upgrade your existing Tasker account to a Business account. Head to and follow the four simple steps to register a Business account. It’s important to provide your details as they appear on your business registration and ABN registration so that your business can be verified. If you have any issues during the sign-up process you can contact the BorisDoes Support Team and we’ll provide you with some assistance.
BorisDoes Business account

How do I upgrade my account to a Business account?

Yes! On BorisDoes, when you create a normal account you are both a Customer and a Tasker at the same time. That means you can start tasks and have them completed, or complete tasks for other people. Effectively, everyone on BorisDoes is a Customer by default, and everyone starts as a Tasker. If you’re an ABN holder you can further upgrade the Tasker side of your account to a Business account (as a sole trader or company). If you don’t have an ABN associated with your account (as a Tasker), you will need to provide one in order to upgrade it to a Business account.
BorisDoes Business account

What about my account data? Does that get transferred somewhere?

When you upgrade your account from a Tasker account to a Business account, your data will be transferred automatically, including any open tasks, records of completed tasks, reviews from Customers, and any previous discussions with Customers. Records of your discussions, which we are required to retain for the BorisDoes Smart Contract, remain with your account no matter what format it is in. In either case, you’ll retain the Customer side of your account so that you can be a Customer when you want to have a task completed.
BorisDoes Business account

What are the benefits of having a BorisDoes Business account?

By registering a Business account on BorisDoes, you gain access to a number of advantages: 1. You remain a Customer so you can have tasks completed by other Taskers or Businesses 2. You can access Customers in new areas and markets to grow your business 3. You can start tasks and find great subcontractors to collaborate with 4. You can use your company name in your profile, so can enhance awareness of your brand 5. You can include social media links in your Business profile to drive engagement 7. You get a prioritised position in the BorisDoes Taskers list
BorisDoes Business account


Once I have a Business account, can I choose to complete tasks as an individual Tasker?

Not really, no. You can tell a Customer that you plan to complete a task on your own, but all interaction on the BorisDoes platform will still carry your Business branding and name. If you don’t want to complete tasks as a Business anymore, you can ask the BorisDoes Support Team to change your account back to a regular Customer / Tasker account.

What do I need to register a Business account?

To register a Business account on BorisDoes you will need to confirm your ABN, phone number and your business’ registered name. If you have any problems registering an account, contact the BorisDoes Support Team.

Should I only do business with Customers in Australia?

No! BorisDoes isn’t limited by national borders and we have a number of Taskers and Customers based overseas that regularly collaborate with local Taskers and Customers. An Australian passport or citizenship is not required for registration as a Customer or Tasker, though Business accounts are limited to Australian registered businesses