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Need grooming and pet care for your furry friend? Find a great mobile pet groomer near you with the help of BorisDoes. Dog grooming, cat grooming, or small pet grooming - all your essential grooming services are available from BorisDoes. Find pet grooming services near you, right here on BorisDoes.

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Why to order mobile pet grooming on BorisDoes

Looking after your pet is easier than ever with the help of BorisDoes. We've invited mobile dog grooming services from across Australia to join our platform and provide services, which means we're confident you’ll find a mobile dog groomer near you. We also have grooming services for your other furry friends. Many mobile dog wash services can look after your cat, guinea pig, or rabbit too, as they have broad experience as a pet groomer, but by far dog grooming remains the most popular service mobile pet groomers offer. Dog grooming might include basic services like washing, drying and brushing, or it might include a range of optional extras including ear cleaning, paw cleaning, use of a hydro bath, towel dry and blow dry, nail trimming, and coat treatments. Many mobile groomers have specially equipped mobile dog grooming trailers that allow them to provide hydrobath dog wash services. Those trailers allow for your dog to be contained and minimise stimulation that might make them skittish or excited. That means a positive experience for your family pet and for you. Establishing that calming environment can also provide an opportunity for a flea rinse or flea and tick removal while your pet is relaxed. To find the right pet grooming Business or Tasker near you, simply start a task or request a quote, provide some details, and get quotes and estimates right away. Alternatively, head to the BorisDoes Tasker List and search for mobile grooming services near you. You can even read reviews from previous Customers who have had their furry friends looked after by BorisDoes service providers.

How to create a task on BorisDoes

Do you know what's really simple? Creating tasks on BorisDoes! Find some tips on how to create tasks quickly and easily in the video below!

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Do you feel an urgent need to walk your dog? Or, maybe, as a Tasker or Business, you don't find other Australian marketplaces very convenient? Read how it works on BorisDoes!
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Create a task:

Creating a task on BorisDoes is quick, easy and free; you'll wonder why you never tried it before! Adding a task takes just seconds which gives you the ability to create tasks the moment they cross your mind. You can add a title, specify a date, time, and location, and set the date when the task is due. If you don’t know how much to pay for a service, you can also request a quote - a new BorisDoes feature - which allows Taskers and Businesses to offer prices and services in response to your task! And don’t forget: you can create as many tasks, and request as many quotes, as you like!

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What about cat grooming services?

Absolutely! Sometimes dog and cat grooming services are provided separately, often the same service providers have experience with cats and dogs, which means they have the grooming tools necessary to look after both. You can always check if a particular mobile pet grooming service looks after cats too, just to ensure your peace of mind before you start.

How do I get a mobile dog grooming quote?

On BorisDoes, getting a quote for pet services is easy. Simply start a task or request a quote, provide some details, and we'll publish your task for Taskers and Businesses to see. Otherwise, you can go straight to the BorisDoes Tasker List, read some reviews from previous Customers, and pick the Tasker or Business that's right for you.

How do I know what services to book?

The services you might need will probably depend on the breed of dog you have. Long-coated breeds might require special coat cuts or coat blow dry, while short-coat breeds might simply need fur cleaning and not much else. You can chat to your pet groomer about what it included in a complete groom and make sure that everything you need is included in your grooming appointment.

What are some of the extra services available from mobile pet groomers?

In addition to regular bath and grooming services, many mobile pet groomers offer special services and groom options including treatments for different hair types, doggie ear cleaning services, special climate controlled trailers for air-conditioned comfort, twin-tank baths for cleaning and rinsing, and additional grooming time for special coat treatments. Have a chat to your mobile pet groomer before they arrive to make sure you book the services you want for your 4 legged friend.

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